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New Project Launching November 1st:
Sponsors - Supporters - Lawyers Wanted Immediately

October 28, 2019
For Immediate Release

Citizens Against Deadbeat Parents offers families across the nation financial assistance grants for legal services against deadbeat parents who are not paying the full amount of child support required by law. This new program was created to help alleviate that burden and give these parents an affordable option to obtain the legal counsel they so desperately need.

In a Nutshell:
1. Applicants pay it forward by replenishing the grant fund plus 10% apr
2. Each month, 70% of all grant recipients pledges are rewarded back to Supporters as our way of saying "thank you," for supporting this program.  

Become the #1 legal services funding and information source nationwide for child support and custody issues. 
Clients will logon to our website to get information, find a lawyer and apply for grant funding assistance. 

What We Do:
We provide custodial parents financial assistance grants for child support and custody cases in the USA.

We are FOR Profit; not a government agency or a non-profit. We use a self-sustaining business model, which means after our initial launch, our program can continue into perpetuity, year after year, without further fundraising efforts.

Each grant must be paid back plus a 10% donation to our program, which keeps our grant fund replenished, fights against inflation, grows our program. pays our operating expenses and financially rewards our Supporters and Sponsors each year.

Grant Applications will be accepted November 1-30th for NWFL residents. Applications will be processed and vetted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Grant Applicant Eligibility:
1. Full-time employment for 6 months minimum.
2. Work with one of our designated financial coaches, make satisfactory progress towards financial milestones each month.
3. Complete Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University personal finance program.
4. Repay the grant plus 10% in a timely manner.Single parents are already in a financial bind due to the lack of child support being received.


Looking for affordable options to gain access to more Clients in 2020? Citizens Against Deadbeat Parents offer 4 affordable options to promote your services, gain access to more clients and the option to refer your clients to us for financial assistance grants. 

Citizens Against Deadbeat Parents mission is to become the #1 funding and information source for child support and custody cases in the USA. 

Lawyer Directory
Shouldn't YOUR name and your firm be listed in the directory?
Visitors log on, search for lawyers in their area and can contact you directly from the site.

Ask The Legal Experts...
Register as a Guest Lawyer for one of our weekly podcasts.
Listeners can call in LIVE or email their child support and custody questions in advance.

Legal Tips & Advice Blog
Register as a blogger on our website to write and publish articles of interest to your target market. 

Grant Funding
Choose our Premium Lawyer Listing option and become eligible to receive Citizens Against Deadbeat Parents grant referral Clients. 


To Apply For a Legal Assistance Grant
Subject Matter: Legal Assistance Grant Request
Details: Give me a brief synopsis of your situation.
Follow-up: You will be put on a waiting list and notified when funding becomes available. 

Fill out the application below and attach it to your email for funding consideration. 


Program Details:
Sometimes It PAYS To Be First
This is one of those times. 

Help us launch this program nationwide. 
Have you ever considered legal expenses as a way to get ahead financially? Who knew it was possible? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? 

Join our initiative and help us build our foundation; an empire of cash machines that will provide a continuous flow of cash each month that can be used to provide upfront legal assistance funding for child support and custody legal issues. 
I wonder how many single parents have been turned away from legal counsel because of lack of funding? I wonder how many parents and grandparents have done crazy things and put themselves in further financial jeopardy out of desperation for the sake of obtaining legal representation. 

Some state agencies are better than others, but based on MY experience, they are overwhelmed, understaffed, do a very poor job of working in the best interests of the children and their job performance is subpar at best. Again...MY experience; it may not be yours. 

I'm proposing a FOR PROFIT INITIATIVE; an affordable option for these parents to access the cash they need for legal representation.  Most don't have thousands just lying around...but they could afford a reasonable monthly payment over time if given the opportunity.  

I have created a viable self-sustaining business model that can support this program into perpetuity. We have a large potential client base (9.4 million) and 126 million households that could be potential SUPPORTERS. 

Revenue Sharing Royalty Rewards For Supporters

We're offering a 70/30 revenue-sharing royalty reward split for all supporters, which is paid quarterly. You can participate with a pledge of $30, $50 or $100 quarterly contribution. 

Earn Cash Fast: For those seeking a higher royalty payout and faster payout, you can register as a Sponsor and receive a 23% royalty every time we gain a new Client or Supporter. These royalties are paid MONTHLY. 

Remember, we have 126 million households in the US, 375 thousand here in NWFL and a potential 9.4 million Clients who need our services. 

Sponsorships are used to fund a nationwide ad campaign promoting the program nationwide. You may partner with others to secure a Sponsorship registration. 

To Learn More:
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To Register As a Supporter:
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