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What Is a Revenue Sharing Royalty Reward?

Every time a dollar of revenue is generated from the sale of any product or service, a percentage is set aside and designated as a royalty reward for Members.

Every month these royalty rewards will be split equitably among all participants based on their level of pledges received. 

Revenue-sharing royalties are the most FAIR, easy to understand methodology and leaves no room for misunderstanding or ambiguity in it's definition. Every time a dollar is earned and received, a royalty reward is set aside. These rewards are dependent on dollars generated and NOT profits.

This guarantees Members that every time this program or one of our startup grant recipients receives a dollar for the sale of a product or service, the estalbished royalty percentage will be set aside immediately.

As part of the Agreement with Grant Recipients, Royalty Rewards must be paid FIRST, ahead of all other operating expenses, without exception. 

Calculation Example:
Assume we receive 100 Registrations for the month of October
Royalties would be calculated and distributed no later than November 10th for the period October 1 - 31, 2019. 

Revenue Generated: $6,500
($65 x 100 = $6,500)

Royalty Reward: $1,500
($15 x 100 = $1,500

Royalty Reward for Renewals in 2020: $1,000
($10 x 100 = $1,000)

Royalty Distribution Among Supporters
To be fair, royalties will be distributed equitably among all participants based on the level of the pledges received. 

Specific Breakdowns of Royalty Reward Percentages can also be found at the bottom of the Registration Form. 

Platinum: $1500 x 45% = $675
Gold:       $1500 x 30% = $450
Silver:      $1500 x 20% = $300
Bronze:    $1500 x  5% = $75
Total Royalty: $675 + $450 + $300 + $75 = $1,500

Each of the totals would be split among each Supporter.
For example is there were 10 Platinum Supporters, each Platinum Supporter would receive $67.50 each ($675/10 = $67.50)

Sponsorship Rewards will be split equitably among all Sponsors based on the number of Sponsorships in which they have registered.

Using the above example, if there are 15 Sponsors, each Sponsor would receive $1,500 / 15 = $100 each

Market Potential
126 million households in the USA
375,000 households in NWFL
World Population: 7.7 billion people
** 65% of the world's population is between 15-64 years. 

Jaw-Dropping Royalty Year 1 Rewards Potential 
** Registrations Only ** 

USA: 126 million x $15 = $1.89 BILLION with a B
NWFL: 375K x $15 = $5.625 million
*doesn't consider the royalties from startups!

It is UNREASONABLE to expect that we can achieve 100% market penetration, but I wanted to show you the massive POTENTIAL.

We have the unique opportunity to quickly become the #1 market leader and have a jump start on maintaining our status by being the FIRST to offer and perfect this type of program nationwide. 

Once we saturate the US market, we can expand to a global market. 

Market Penetration Goals:
Year 1: 1%
Year 2: 5%
Year 3: 10%