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Small Business Startup Grant Program

Did You Know?
* 95% of ALL Americans are headed down the wrong track financially speaking. Our cars and homes do NOT accurately reflect the true status of our financial well being. We live paycheck to paycheck, are neck deep in debt, aren't adequately prepared for emergencies and don't have a plan for our financial futures. 

* By 2020, 23% of all Senior Citizens will be forced to stay or re-enter the workforce because they won't be able to cover the basic necessities of food, shelter and health care. 

* Almost 25% of ALL Americans are on some type of government assistance program; that's 1 out of 4 people!

* 48% of Americans dream of owning their own business

* 51% who launch are over 50

69% start their businesses from home

Join us in our quest to solve a major financial problem and crises brewing in America by providing access to affordable money management and wealth building classes and financial coaching services. 

With your help, we can pledge to create thousands of jobs for American families as we launch our Small Business Startup Grant Program.

Project 1:
Earn As You Learn Financial Coaching Grant Program. We work with teams of Coaches and Class facilitators to help families increase income, eliminate debt, build wealth and prepare for their financial future. We track results and use the information to inspire and help other families to follow suit. 

We also provide affordable options for everyday families to create multiple streams of income by participating as a Campaign Supporter. Every time one of our projects earn $1, our Supporters will get a piece of the action; month after month, year after year. 

If you have a heart for helping others and are looking for a wonderful opportunity to make a difference with your life, consider becoming a Financial Coach. 

Our Grant Program will provide funding for everything you need to launch your new Financial Coaching business. No experience is required. 

Successfully complete Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Master Training Program AND Financial Peace University within 120-days of Grant disbursement. ($1,795)

Dave Ramsey is a well-respected authority in the area of personal finance with a track record for success. Ramsey started his business over 25 years ago by offering one-on-one financial coaching to families in need. Since then, Dave’s team has expanded that vision by training thousands of people just like you to become world-class financial coaches. 

To Learn More About The Financial Coach Training Program:

Click HERE to View Course Details

Click on "Courses," 
Click on "Financial Coach Master Taining"
Click on "Financial Peace University"

18-month Contract Details:
(a) You must be available a minimum of 10 hours per week for 18-months.
Coaching calls will be recorded and online via your smartphone, tablet or computer. 
FPU and Other facilitated Classes are held LIVE in various locations with dates and times TBA throughout NWFL based on demand. 

(b) Pay: $15 to $25 per hour for Class Facilitation and Financial Coaching based on your level of experience. As you gain experience, your hourly pay will go UP.

Pay periods end each Friday, with paydays for the previous week paid electronically each Monday. If Monday is a holiday, payday will occur on Tuesday. 

You will be considered an Independent Business Owner and will receive a 1099-Misc for tax reporting purposes. Talk to your tax advisor for details on your income tax reporting requirements. 

You may work OUTSIDE our Network and charge your own fees but must be available a minimum of 10 hours per week for our Client needs. 

$15: 0 to 120 hours documented Client Coaching / Class Facilitation
$20: 121 hours to 560 hours
$25: 561 to 3120 hours

(c) Resources: In addition to the resources and tools that Ramsey Solutions offer successful  applicants, we will provide the following for each of our coaches throughout their 18-month contract period:

* Online Client Scheduler
* Online Meeting Portal and Recorded Sessions
* Regional/Nationwide COOP Advertising and Marketing Campaigns (optional)
* Business Directory Listing
* Electronic Payment Processing
* Weekly Conference Call Training Sessions & Accountability Forums

Grant Replenishment Details: $2,201.04 
18 monthly donations of $122.28 payable no later than the 5th of the month, beginning the month after disbursement. ($122.28 x 18 = $2,201.04) 

We rely on a steady stream of donations each month to administer and manage this grant program. It is not our intent to become a collection agency for Pledge Donation Contracts. All donations must be scheduled and made electronically without exception. You may use your bank account and set up automatic billpay or schedule a series of payments using your debit/credit card via paypal

Late Pledges
Any Pledge that is not received by the 5th of the month will be required to add $20 to their donation. If you are late for more than one payment, you will owe the additional $20 PLUS your name will be removed from our Coaching Directory and you will NOT be eligible to receive additional Coaching assignments until your account is brought current. NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Community Investment Club Option
Members who opt to join our Earn As You Learn Community Investment Club make donations of $30, $50 or $100 every 90-days for the purpose of funding and administering our small business startup grant program. 

Every time one of our Sponsored projects earn $1, a percentage is set aside as a revenue sharing royalty payment. Rewards are distributed every month or quarter, depending on the Grant Contract details. Rewards can be redeemed toward Bucket List Trips, Events and Activities or Visa Gift Cards. 

Any Pledge that is not received by the 5th of the month will be required to add $20 to their donation. If you are late for more than one payment, you will owe the additional $20 PLUS forfeit revenue-sharing royalty rewards for that month. If you are late for 3 payments, you will owe the $20 donation penalty, forfeit revenue-sharing royalty rewards and will be required to register again as a NEW Member at the current Membership price. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Revenue-Sharing Royalty Rewards Info:

Size of Target Markets:
375K households in NWFL
126 million households across America

Coaching Fees: $50 Per Hour
We are transparent, fair and generous in how we allocate every dollar generated via our Financial Coaching Program. If you google and research the average fees for Financial Coaching you will find the average to be approximately $125 per hour. 

It is my desire that EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN AMERICA have affordable access to a Financial Coach. I have created a strategic plan that will help us achieve that objective PLUS has the potential to create jobs for thousands of people throughout the USA. 

Here's the breakdown on Client Coaching Revenue allocations:

Title: 10%
Charity: 5%
Advertising: 10%
Coach: 30%
Royalty Reward: 15%

Left: Crowdfunding Supporter
Right: Grant Applicants