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Speakers Bureau Info

1. Member in good standing; showing monthly progress towards your program objectives. 

2. One Guest Speaker experience every 90-days (Fee or Free) 
3. Business Cards available and on display at the Training Facility.
4. Complete Speaker Bureau Profile Directory Listing Online
5. Promo Video
6. Evaluate at least 3 Speakers Per Month (Online & Live, 1 must be LIVE)
7. Participate in at least 1 COOP Event every 90-days
8. Agree to have your sessions videotaped and available online on demand, for rent or resource library use. 
9. Participate in recorded interview and/or panel discussion sessions that may be used for advertising and promotional purposes. 
10. Submit at least 1 short article every 90-days for possible inclusion in our newsletter or magazine. 

Earn As You Learn!
Revenue Sharing Rewards Program:

Every time the facility generates a dollar in Tuition or Product Sales, a 65% royalty reward will be distributed equitably among all Supporters, including our Academy Speakers.