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Facility Details

Project Name:
Lunch & Learn USA + Emerald Coast Speakers

Startup Funding Goal: $ 150,000
$6,000 per Month / $72,000 per year

82% of all Small Businesses FAIL because of CASH FLOW;
not because they aren't "good businesses,"
because they have too much month left over at the end of their money!

With that said, we will operate similar to the Non-Profit model in which it is recommended and standard procedure that we have 1.25 years of operating expenses cash in the bank to cover any unexpected emergencies and to keep us from having to "stress out," worrying over how we will keep the lights on and the rent paid. We need to focus on building the business, breaking even and maximizing our profits during the first 12-24-months. We can't do this if we are worried about where our next dollar is coming from. 

Each month, we will set aside 1/12 of our budgeted operating expenses so that at the end of the year we will have our upcoming year paid for in advance. 

** Expected Expenditure Categories **
3 Part-time Associates Monday - Saturday
1 Year Operating Expenses
Emergency Fund
Resource Library Materials
Training Center Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Computers, Software and Supporting Electronics
Website Development & Hosting
Seminar Tables & Chairs for Students
Initial Startup Legal / Accounting / Filing fees
Soft Launch & Grand Opening Event
Advertising and Promotional Campaigns
Memberships to Clubs & Organizations 
COOP Events
Annual Conference

Facility Locations: 
Primary: Santa Rosa Mall- Mary Esther, FL
High profile area, well lit, security on staff, ample parking, close proximity to entrance door and easy access to food for lunch. 

Satellite office locations for live steaming throughout the 12-county region.

Site Hosts Wanted:
If you have a conference room or small space available with internet access at your business, church or organization, consider becoming a Community Satellite Training Site Host. Live stream our events to your  location. Flexible schedules are available. 

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm 
Lunch and Learns:  11am to 1pm Monday - Friday. 
Facility will be open to the general public. Registered Members will be able to attend scheduled classes, purchase products, services and borrow or rent from our resource library. 

Royalty Rewards: 
65% of Tuition Revenue, 10% Product Sales

Split equitably among Speakers, Trainers & Sponsors based on their level of participation. 

Rewards PayOut: 
10th of each Month

Target Markets:
5,958 Meeting Facilities
Event Planners within 12 county radius
375,000 households (5 counties) 
46K Businesses, Owners, Managers
6K New Retirees Per Year
158K Seniors over 60 years of age

Advertising / Promos:
Social Media, Newspapers, Magazine, Direct Mail, Radio, Event Sponsorship, Chamber of Commerce - Clubs/Organization Memberships.