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Earn As You Learn!
Aspiring, Emerging & Seasoned....
Speakers, Authors, Trainers, 
Facilitators, Educators, Coaches & 
SME's (Subject Matter Experts)

Wanted Immediately to Service Northwest Florida

Target Markets Within Our Region:
*5,958 Non-Profits [501(c)(3) / Clubs & Orgs]
* 156 Meeting Facilities
* Regional Event Planners
* 46,000 Businesses
* 375,000 Households

This page is for GENERAL INFO only. 
To view the requirements to Join the Academy as a Speaker, Click on the "Speaker Bureau" tab. 

Problems & Opportunities:
* We have a ton of untapped talent and potential within our region. 

* Our region has NO centralized database directory available to service our region. 

* Speakers have NO affordable venues available to practice in front of LIVE audiences. 

* Speakers have too small of budgets to participate in high quality promotional events. 

* Clubs & Orgs have a very hard time finding affordable meeting space. 

* Non-Profits have zero to very limited budgets available for Speaker fees.

* Non-Profits & Speakers have NO way to connect and book Speaking engagements.

* Families are actively seeking better options for their lives

* Business Owners / Managers need affordable options to attain better bottom line results, attract and retain high quality employees.  

* State of the art Life Enrichment Academy open to the general public 6 days a week. 

* Provide an inspiring community and resources dedicated to helping everyday people rise higher, achieve more and live extraordinary lives. 

* Speakers can practice in front of LIVE audiences, get valuable feedback on their performances and create, promote & sell their products and services. 

* Speakers earn while they learn. This is a very critical component for Speakers to qualify for inclusion in some of the most prestigious organizations in the Speaking industry.

Every time the academy generates a dollar, Speakers and Supporters will receive a revenue-sharing royalty. 

* Provide Clubs & Orgs with affordable access to our ECS online centralized database to browse and book Speakers for their events. 

* Live streaming events, live on location, videotaped or on demand training available from phones, tablets or computers. 

* Life enrichment resource library that enables our Members to access and learn from some of the world's greatest subject matter experts. 

* Lunch and Learn USA: We're inviting every household in our region to join us each day during their "lunchtime" for an exciting lineup of short, high impact life enrichment and professional development classes live or on demand. 

* The more productive, fulfilled, financially fit and happy our families are will make a positive and lasting impact on each of our communities and region.  

Perfect Venues For:
Micro-Learning (5-10-15 minutes each)
Life Groups
Meet the Author Book Signing Events
Interviews - Press Conferences - Videotaping
Guest Speaker Slots - Keynotes - Emcees
Meeting Space for Groups

I've found a fabulous, high traffic location and if we have enough Support, we can do a soft launch in October and have our Grand Opening November 2018.  

We operate similar to a COOP. We are Membership based. Every time the Academy generates a dollar, a revenue-sharing reward is split equitably among all the Supporters of the project; Trainees and Supporters. Royalties are distributed the first week of the following month. 

Earn Cash Fast: 
If you know of any aspiring, emerging or seasoned Speakers - Authors - Trainers - Facilitators - Coaches - Educators...or everyday people who would be interested in Supporting our Grant Programs, please refer them to earn CASH or Credit towards your Pledge Contract. 

Referral Cards...

Note to Prospective Speakers & Trainers....
Let us help you build and grow your Speaking Business! 

By collaborating with other Speakers across the region, we can share expenses, offer higher quality training, products and services for a fraction of the cost and share any revenue generated from each event. 

To Apply:
For consideration, submit a 5 minute video presentation to our facebook page.

Professional grade quality is not necessary. 
You may use your phone or webcam. Introduce yourself, tell me which county and town you live in, what topics or categories you specialize, what is your background or experience in that category and why this particular topic is of interest.  I will send you a Registration packet upon receipt.