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Funding Drive:
October - November 2018
Join us in our efforts to launch this exciting new project;

Together we can provide inspiration, high-impact training & resources 
to individuals, business owners and employees throughout our region and across the nation.

Your Membership entitles you to attend any class session, any topic or category as little or as often as you like. 

Pick and choose your level of attendance: One day a week, multiple days or once a's up to you!

No homework, tests or grades, but we do ask that you complete an evaluation on each Session you attend.

This feedback will provide our Speakers with valuable input and help them improve their skill sets and course offerings.  

Life Enrichment Categories:
1. Personal Development 
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Money Matters
4. Bible Studies
5. Leadership / Management
6. Professional Development

Early Bird Registration: $65 Per Year
Plus Tuition

Early Bird Registration Saves You 50%
Help us help YOU! Early Bird Registration ($65) saves you 50% and helps us plan properly for upcoming classes.

Your survey responses will help ensure we provide sessions that pertain to your specific topics of interest.

We will use your preferred time slot requests to make sure we have enough seating/instructors/coaches on hand to properly service our students each session.

It is our desire that every Attendee be so delighted with their experience that they will encourage others to join the Academy.Early Bird Registration can help us do all that! 

Early Bird Registration is now available:
$65 Per Year

Click HERE for Early Bird Registration (Save 50%)


1. Lunch & Learns Only 
(Monday - Friday)
$365 Per Year
Payment Plan: $30 per month

2. ALL Class Sessions + Library Privileges + Advance Tickets to Special Events
$600 Per Year
Payment Plan: $50 per month

3. Site Hosts: TBA
Host live streaming or video based Lunch and Learns at your location for your volunteers, employees or Members. 
Payment Plan: Quarterly

4. Speakers Bureau & Academy Registration: TBA
Subject Matter Experts: Personal & Professional Development
Speakers - Authors - Facilitators - Trainers - Educators - Coaches

Payment Plan Options:
Tuition is not due until we schedule our first class. Every Registered individual will be notified in advance via email. Your may set up your automatic recurring tuition payments either ACH direct from your bank account or with a debit or credit card. 

To help us with budgeting and cashflow, all payments should be scheduled on the 1st of each month, no later than the 5th by 6pm. Tuition received after the 5th, before the 20th will be assessed a late charge of $35. The student will lose training center privileges until their account is brought current. 

If a payment is not received by the 20th, a new Registration fee of $65 PLUS the past due balance will be due in order to be reinstated. There will be no exceptions. 

If a student loses privileges twice in any 12 month period, the full tuition balance will be due immediately. 

The payment plan option is a courtesy and privilege to make this program affordable and accessible to everyday families. 

It is not our desire to become a "collection agency," and we plan our budget based on timely deposits. Your full cooperation is appreciated.