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In a Nutshell:
As part of our Life Enrichment Academy, we offer an AFFORDABLE option for everyday people to support projects in their local community, region and across the nation without any of the hassles of red tape, fine print or government bureaucracy. 

3 Affordable Options:
Choose between a $30, $50 or $100 Quarterly Donation Pledge.

Revenue-Sharing Royalty Program:
We use a percentage of our quarterly donations to provide GRANTS for startups and community service projects across the nation. 

Every quarter we accept applications and Supporters VOTE on which projects we wish to financially support for the upcoming quarter. 

Every time one of the sponsored projects receives a dollar from any source, a 10% ROYALTY is pledged, donated back and split equitably among each of the Sponsoring Chapters to be used exclusively for life enrichment activities and events.   

Royalties are earmarked exclusively to offset the costs of our life enrichment activities and events.

The objective is to provide our Members with an affordable, low-risk option to learn how to invest, make a real tangible difference in the lives of others, and the opportunity to have little or no out of pocket expense to participate in exciting life enrichment programs throughout the year.  

Grant Recipient receives a $1,000 grant for a small business startup.
She earns $2,000 the following month. 
She will make a 10% donation back to us of $200 ($2,000 x 0.10 = $200)
This $200 can be used towards any life enrichment program on the calendar. 

Pick and choose which activities you wish to participate, how often and with whom: 
women-only, couples or family. 

Revenue-Sharing Income Disclaimer:
As in any business venture, there can never be any guarantees of income expressed or implied. It is our hope that all grant recipients will be successful in their new business endeavor and will be able to generate revenue and cash flow each and every month; providing our Supporters with a steady stream of royalty payment donations.

ALL small business startups have inherent risks and as Investor Trainees, you will be taught how to identify and structure deals that minimize risk exposure. Risk can never be eliminated 100%, which means there is always a possibility that a Grant Recipient will not generate Royalties as expected. 

Do YOU or Anyone You Know...
Have a great community service project idea?
Have a great business idea?
Share your ideas and earn cash credit towards your bucket list items!

We invest in 3 things:
1. People (Life Enrichment Programs, Activities & Events) 
2. Business Ideas (For Profit & Non-Profit) 
3. Real Estate 

We are now accepting applications for new for profit AND non-profit projects for 2018-19 fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018. No matter how big or how small your idea, we'd love to help you fund and launch it or get paid for your idea! Inbox for more details. 

Proposed Projects:

Author Universe Publishing: 
Publishing & Promotional Program for aspiring and emerging authors.
So you want to write & publish a book someday?
Someday has arrived!
Quarterly "Meet The Author" book signing events open to the public.

Shark Tanks Across America:
Grants for small business startups for women. 

Emerald Coast Chateaus:
Affordable Housing Options for Moms, Widows and Divorcees

Single Mom Legal Support:
Funding for legal expenses and educational workshops to help single moms fight deadbeat dads and other related issues.