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What We DO

We are a Life Enrichment Academy.
filled with Ordinary women living extraordinary lives. 

We facilitate opportunities for women to CONNECT throughout NWFL.
We provide inspiration, training an resources needed for women to create, FUND and live the life they were MEANT to live...
a life worth smiling and talking about!

Jeremiah 29:11 Ministries Inc.
501(c)(3) Charitable, Educational and Religious Non-Profit
Encourage - Equip - Empower - Engage 

US Ambassadors For Prosperity, LLC
Life Enrichment Academy
Have Fun - Enrich Lives - Build Wealth


Short Version:
Dream BIG...We Can Help!

• We connect and invest in women in communities across America.

Community Service Projects:
We operate very similar to a giant community investment club without the red tape, fine print or worries over profitability. Members submit their ideas for projects and business startups and we vote on which ones we'd like to support. We use CROWDFUNDING to raise funds for our projects and offer perks, privileges and royalty rewards as a way to thank our Supporters.  We invest in people, business ideas, community service projects and real estate.
• Academy For High Achievers: We provide inspiration, training and resources for those that want to rise higher, achieve more, be more, and do more with their lives.

We believe that actions should speak louder than words, so we hold one another accountable, keep score and recognize all milestone achievements, no matter how big or how small.  

• We leverage our gifts, talents and resources to help one another achieve both personal and professional goals. 

• We list our Bucket List goals for the year; i.e. everything we want to accomplish, see, do or experience. 

• We brainstorm ideas and use crowdfunding to launch Community Service Projects AND Wealth Building Projects that have the potential to support our dreams, efforts and fund everything on our lists.