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HomeProject 1: Trading Soda for RE

Wealth Building Project 1
Trading Soda For Real Estate & Beach Vacations

If you've EVER considered REAL ESTATE as a way to get ahead financially, 2018 could very well be one of the BEST opportunities for you to do so!

We will be launching a Vacation Rental Property Business, beginning in NW Florida. 

If you have $1 per day, $30 per month, you quality to participate in this Members-Only Wealth Building Project. 

NO red tape, NO fine print and you will have NO hassles of landlord duties, or worries over profitability. 

Northwest Florida Property Descriptions

a. Vacation Rental Properties in NW Florida
    Weekly - Monthly Rentals:
           Condos - Beach Houses - Bed & Breakfast
b. Beach Lovers Option:
           Multiple Families may share expenses on a 1-year lease

c. Rent to Own - Tenant To Home Buyer Program
    Program to help families transition from Tenant to Home Buyer in 60-months
    or less. 

Every time we earn a dollar, 10% is set aside and designated as Royalty Rewards for our SUPPORTERS. 

Rewards may be redeemed for cash, beach vacations, life enrichment programs or bucket list activities.