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COOP Advertising Options

Revenue Sharing Rewards: 10%
$30, $50 or $100 
Monthly, Quarterly or 1-Time

We need help to spread the word 
to every household in America;
128 million families. 

It would be an almost impossible feat to do on our own,
so we've created a win-win proposition for those willing to help. 

Most of us can easily come up with an extra $30.
30 bucks won't go very far by itself, but...
when 20, 30, 50, 100 or thousands of families 
contribute $30 each, it gets exciting!

With a strong network of people participating in our COOP,
we can very easily fund and launch an effective nationwide campaign blitz 
every 30-days. 

Benefits of Participating in the COOP
Teamwork has its advantages

* Leverage our efforts by working together to create and launch a planned, organized campaign.
* Canvass county by county, region by region, state by state and make sure that no community is left out.  
* Negotiate better rates on higher quality promotional materials and advertising rates by buying in bulk, rather than buying as individuals.
* Perfect for those with extremely busy schedules who may be looking for an affordable opportunity to earn extra income without a lot of time commitment or capital outlay required.  

COOP advertising and promotional opportunities will be made available each month, based on how many people we have interested in participating. Rewards will be split equitably among all those who have participated, based on their contribution to the Campaign. 

Radio, Direct Mail, Newspaper & Magazine promotions
Social media ad campaigns, door to door targeted direct mail, radio commericials, newspaper & magazine ads and leveraging our membership association with Chambers, Clubs, Associations, Industry-related trade group Networks and Community Organizations to help spread the news about our NEW program, inviting every household in America to join us in our efforts.  

Recent Quotes Received:

Direct Mail Postcards: 
.50@  (print + mail)
Oversized 6.5 x 9  
Quantity: 1,000   
Double-sided - Full Color - Glossy

Radio: $50 each 
60 second commercials - prime time

Weekly Newspapers: Top Military Installations
Size: 4 3/8 x 6     
Color: $550+    
Black & White: $250+

Every time we gain a new Membership, Sponsor or Supporter... 
YOU could be getting a 
piece of the action!
Month after month, 
year after year!


Target Market: 
128 million families,
beginning with those that are within
a 10-hour driving radius of  Northwest Florida. 

COOP Advertising SPONSORSHIPS provide the funding for a local, regional and nationwide advertising campaign to introduce and promote US Ambassadors For Prosperity, LLC and our programs to every household in America. 

Everyone chips in a few bucks ($30, $50 or $100) to help pay for a massive advertising blitz each month; i.e. direct mail, radio, print ads, etcetera. 

Ten cents out of every dollar EARNED is split equitably among all those participating in each campaign, month after month.  

AMBASSADORS have the option to participate in the monthly COOP Campaigns, should they desire to do so. 

The following information is to give you the annual revenue potential available for 100% of the market, based on our primary products and services. 

Unless a business or industry has a legal monopoly, it is impossible to achieve 100% of the market share. We do not fit in this category, so I will use industry standards and my experience to set goals that I think we can achieve and offer BONUSES for over achievements. 

* Social media ads, with the help of Ambassadors, can create a viral campaign online, which can spread like wildfire.
* The average response rate for postcards is 4.25%
* Radio ads can reach thousands of listeners per day.

* Print ads can target our message to very specific markets.
* Ambassadors keep our message in front of our target market each month. 
* Chamber and Clubs & Organization Memberships provide Networking and Relationship Building Opportunities.

Our Goal: 
Although there can never be any guarantees of income, I think if you combine all those advertising and campaign promotional opportunities together each month, we can create a buzz in the marketplace that will be like a snowball rolling downhill, that only gets bigger and better over time. 

10 out of 100 (10%) 
households will request an info packet.

5 out of those 100 (5%) 
will accept our offer to join our team in one capacity or the other.  

We will continue to follow up with those that have expressed an interest, but have not yet joined. Sometimes NO doesn't mean "NO," it just means "not right now."

Bonus Opportunity
10% Royalty: 5% or less of the Market Share in any given area. 
15% Royalty: for anything OVER 5% of the Market Share in any given area.
Based on the estimated number of households in any given market area.  

Market Size: USA
100%: 128 million
1%: 1.28 million
5%: 6.4 million
10%: 12.8 million

Revenue Potential:
Market Size: 
128 million (USA)

$50 per year x 128 million

COOP Sponsorships: 
$30 per month x 128 million

WB Project Support: 
$30 per month x 128 million

Vacation Rental Property Goal: 
10 million x 10%

Revenue-Sharing REWARDS Potential: 
Revenue earned x 10% 
Divided equitably among all those who are participating in the COOP advertising campaign in any given month. 

Example: For illustrative purposes only
Revenue: $10,000
10 people participating equally
Revenue x .10 / # of people participating
$10,000 x .10 = $1,000 Royalty Reward
$1,000 / 10 people participating = $100 each