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Membership Benefits
Quarterly Newsletter

4 Quarterly Recognition & Reward Ceremonies
Monthly Bucket List Activities & Life Enrichment Programs

**Note **
Monthly Activities, Programs and Events are selected by Members in each Chapter, District and Region. 

Other Options Available:
Wealth Building & Financial Coaching
Community Investment Club Training Program
Earn As You Learn Investor Training  
Grants for Small Business Startups

** To Register **

Click on the registration button below to pay by debit or credit card.
PayPal will provide you with a invoice upon receipt of your payment. 

Due to the nature of our business, we only offer ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS. 
NO pro-rata Memberships are available.  

1. Community Ambassadors
$50 per Year

Community Ambassadors are those who wish to support our program, but are NOT interested in participating in monthly activities. Ambassadors will be listed and recognized in our publications and at our Membership Drive Kickoff Parties

NO: Revenue-sharing Royalty

Click HERE to Register for AMBASSADOR Membership

Early Bird Registration Ends October 22nd
Register TODAY & Save $60

2. Platinum Ambassadors
$35 per Quarter

Full Membership Benefits
NO: Revenue-sharing Royalty

Click HERE for ** Early Bird **  Registration     $35 / QTR  

Click HERE to Register      AFTER Oct 22      $50 / QTR

3. Founding Member:
$200 per year

4 quarterly payments of $50 each 

Full Membership Benefits 
YES - Revenue-sharing Royalty   

Click HERE to Register: SILVER Membership 

4. Founding Member:

4 quarterly payments of $75 each 
Full Membership Benefits 
YES - Revenue-sharing Royalty   

Click HERE to Register: Founding Member GOLD

Revenue-sharing Royalty Privileges

Help us launch community investment club chapters, bring wealth building classes, financial coaching, and jobs to your community and communities across America.

Northwest Florida will serve as the FIRST model territory to launch; the blueprint
from which all other Chapters nationwide will duplicate. Once we get our first territory established, we will begin our expansion efforts throughout the USA. Founding Members will have the option to participate in community investment club membership, eligible to receive special perks and rewards.  

Perks & Rewards:
Founding Members are eligible for revenue-sharing royalties on membership registrations and/or renewals. 

Every time we receive a new registration or renewal, a set percentage is set aside as rewards for Founding Members. 

Rewards are distributed each quarter, no later than 10 days following the end of the quarter. Rewards can be redeemed towards any of our scheduled life enrichment activities. All rewards must be redeemed within 12 months. The point is we want to help you "get a life," so don't hoard up your rewards...USE THEM!

Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available
Monthly & Quarterly Events
Training Material
Sponsorship Table at Events
Event publications


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