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Fundraiser Campaign Info:
Kickstarter & Indigogo's Generosity

I currently have fundraiser campaigns on Kickstarter and Indigogo's Generosity.

Although these platforms are wonderful, please keep in mind that each platform has different rules regarding how the donations are handled and disbursed. Some have significant fees attached, plus payment processor fees, which can be quite hefty, 10% or more. This really puts a dent in the amount of cash that is actually disbursed and you may not have access to the cash until several weeks after the campaign has ended. 

For those reasons, I have opted to provide a DONATION button here so that you can make a donation of any size and I will have access to the funding when it is needed; right now. 

Click on the button below to view the perks and rewards for making a cash donation today. Be sure to write the word GIFT  on the donation.   Thank you!

Make a Donation