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Prosperity Manifesto For America 

The American Dream is alive and well. What's YOUR big dream? WE invest in communities across America. WE invest in small business startups. WE invest in real estate. WE invest in everyday people. WE invest in families, just like yours. WE have a 5-year plan to eradicate poverty in the US, saving taxpayers $712 billion dollars yer year, while transforming the lives of MILLION of families, and positively impacting generations to come. And just the beginning!

WE THE PEOPLE opt to stand up, join hands, start holding our government, and ALL the freeloaders of society, accountable for wasting our hard-earned tax dollars. YOU know who you are; we certainly know who you are, and WE THE PEOPLE are making a stand today to put you on notice: "enough is enough." To be clear, we are not referencing the people who genuinely need assistance. We know you're there. We know your struggle is very real; rest assumed that better help is on the way. 

$712 BILLION dollars of our hard-earned tax dollars was blown on 13 welfare programs in 2015. Government programs may not work, but WE THE PEOPLE, do. We believe in accountability, and giving a hand-UP, rather than a perpetual hand-OUT. We think that just makes good common fiscal sense. 

INVITATION: For those of you that are sick and tired, of being sick and tired. For those of you who know that you are not living up to your full, God-given potential. For those that are truly interested in changing the current trajectory of your lives, and the lives of your families for generations to come. 
For those that are ready to accomplish more in a year than most people will accomplish in a lifetime. 

For those that are willing to be held accountable, and have the initiative, courage and conviction, to hold others accountable for results. We expect nothing but the very best out of ourselves, therefore, we will expect the same from you. For those that are excited about the possibility of being part of something that is bigger than any of us; a movement so transforming, that the ripple effect could be felt world-wide.  

For those that are wondering if this project would qualify for a Nobel Peace Prize. After all, we’ve seen stranger things happen in years past.  

If any of these statements resonate with you, or anyone you know, you are cordially invited to join us in our quest.

OUR COMMITMENT: We will INVEST in ourselves. We will INVEST in our people. We will invest in one another. We are committed, focused, and will be relentless when necessary. We will do whatever it takes to provide the inspiration, training and resources needed to ensure that all our people are properly equipped. We do this for a profit, and there is absolutely no shame in our game.  We live in America. We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all those who are willing to do what it takes, part of that American Dream is thePOWER TO PROSPER!

The most important part of this initiative is NOT the impact it will have on the world-wide economy or our national economy, which includes all the local communities scattered across America.

The fact that the program will pay for itself, has a self-funding mechanism built in to ensure the program endures long after we are all dead and gone, is also, not the most important. We do expect and demand a return on our investments, into perpetuity. In fact, it's not out of the question to expect our initial investment to increase in value, year after year.


The Closest Thing To True “UTOPIA”

The most valuable, important, mind-boggling thing for us to witness first-hand will be the massive transformation that will occur in the mindsets of all our people. 

Our UTOPIA will be a place where we work together to identify and hone our gifts, talents, and skill sets, and use them for their highest purpose. We will challenge one another to always rise above, in both our personal and professional lives, with no regrets. We will live our lives on purpose. Care Diem will be our theme each day. No more slacking. No more wasting hours, days, months and years not living; just merely breathing, taking up valuable space, without making a meaningful contribution to society and the world. 

We know without a shadow of a doubt, all our fellow Ambassadors are mandated to watch out for only our best interests. We realize there is more than enough success to go around. For if we dare not follow through on our commitments to ourselves and one another, we have given our fellow Ambassadors full permission to not hesitate, and quickly call us out. We will strive to be better, not bitter. We have a mission statement and creed that will serve as our compass, keeping us focused and on track. We hold one another accountable, and YES, we keep score.

Our personal finances will improve, and people will be begin to notice. We will build wealth, increase our net worth, and leave a legacy behind that will be remembered for generations to come. Our lifestyles will change for the better. Our health will improve, due to the lack of stress in our lives and our new healthy habits. Our careers will flourish because “work,” will no longer feel like work. It will be our passion. Philanthropy will no longer be just a word meant for the elite; it will be our way of life. We are ordinary people, living extraordinary lives; lives worth talking about. 

We will wake up one fine day to realize that we are finally living the life of our dreams. We have created and are living our very own version of the American Dream, which I believe is what life is really all about.

Nancy Gaskins, Founder

US Ambasadors For Prosperity
February 1, 2017.