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Life is a banquet;
but most poor souls are starving to death! 


Community Investment Club Network
Affordable Options For Everyday People

We've all had great ideas. 
The problem is we don't know how to convert those ideas to cold hard cash.

48% of Americans dream of owing their own business. Not everyone has the desire to become an entrepreneur, but most people do have the desire to improve their personal finances.

ALL of us have a few extra bucks available or with very minimal effort, we could easily save our SPARE CHANGE each month to leverage towards building a better financial future. 

Put both of those concepts together and you have a winning formula to help everyday families fund the life of their dreams; a life worth smiling and talking about. 

Multiple Streams Of Income

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income.
We've all heard the term, can understand the concept but may not have affordable access to the connections, knowledge or resources necessary to build an empire of cash machines...until now. 

Join our community investment club network and EARN AS YOU LEARN how to work together as a local/regional/nationwide GROUP to leverage our efforts and resources to build an empire of cash machines using real estate and small business startups

How Does It Work?
Affordable, easy to understand concept. 

A minimum time commitment of 1-2 hours online or offline every 90-days is required to participate.

No experience, income, credit or legal restrictions to participate and absolutely NO FINE PRINT, red tape or hoops to jump through.  

US Ambassadors For Prosperity - Emerald Coast Ambassadors leverages crowdfunded cash donations to purchase residential real estate rental properties for cash, no mortgage. The monthly rental income generated is used to provide small business startup grants in communities across America. 

Every 90-days the general public is invited to submit their small business startup IDEAS for grant funding consideration.  Online, traditional, home-based and non-profit ideas are eligible for consideration

Registered Supporters VOTE on which projects they wish to support with our collective crowdfunded dollars. Majority rules. 

Every time one of our SPONSORED PROJECTS earns a dollar, a revenue sharing ROYALTY REWARD is set aside and distributed equitably among all Supporters and Sponsors each month or quarter, depending on the project. 

Rewards can be redeemed for CASH or used as a CREDIT towards any bucket list travel, activity or event. 

Trading Soda for Real Estate & Startups

There's a method to my madness of why I recommend using BOTH startups and real estate as a way to help everyday families get ahead financially.

They both have the ability to create passive income streams and when used together can help mitigate risk and have the potential to provide a much higher reward for their supporters.  

Startups are not as capital intensive as real estate, (less expensive) have the potential for a much higher rate of return, BUT comes with a higher risk factor. 

Real estate is more expensive, tends to be less risky, typically has a lower rate of return than startups BUT can provide a well-calculated steady stream of monthly income and historically, has a track record of appreciating in value over time.

Diversification & Risk Management:
"Don't put all your eggs in one basket," is sage advice when it comes to building wealth and we will follow that same advice when building our real estate portfolio. 

Long term as well as short term vacation properties (bed and breakfasts, beach houses and condos) will be included to ensure we maintain a well diversified real estate portfolio. 

To help minimize the risk associated with real estate, we purchase each property for cash, no mortgage. This means me have no fear of any of our properties being foreclosed upon. I set aside a certain percentage of rental income each month for vacancies, repair & maintenance and capital improvements.

Each home fits a very specific criteria and target market which will enable us to command a high monthly rental income rate, keep our vacancies low and would enable us to sell the property for top dollar should it become necessary for us to do so, or when the time comes to sell and replace inventory.  

To minimize the typical risk associated with startups, we will use the monthly passive income generated from the rental properties to FUND a nationwide GRANT PROGRAM for startups. 

Some projects will be stars, some will be duds and some will perform so-so. This could be very disheartening to someone who puts all their support into a project and that project turns out to be a "dud." The capital would be lost and gone forever and the supporter would be left with a sour taste in his mouth and might never support another project.  

We Have a BETTER Option
By using rental income as our grant funding source, we have a continuous, never-ending supply of startup capital available to us, month after month, year after year.

It won't matter too much, if on occasion, we have a bad performing startup because other startups in our portfolio should more than make up for that one dud. Every month we will be launching new startups that will be adding another stream of income to our empire of cash machines. 

Rental income will provide a perpetual funding source for our grant program, which means once we build our initial real estate portfolio of rental properties, the grant program will be self-funded month after month, for many years to come.

Affordable Options:
Choose your level of support and rewards program based on your budget. 

(a) 12-month Royalty Reward: $125 OR
(b) 18-month Royalty Reward: $65 per year plus a quarterly contribution of $30, $50 or $100 OR
(c) Lifetime Royalty Reward: $1,000

CASH For Your IDEAS...

Do you have a great idea for a business, non-profit or project that could make our region a better place to live, work and play? If so, let us help you FUND IT  or PASS THE IDEA ALONG to someone who could bring that idea to fruition and you could get a piece of the action; month after month, year after year!  

Sometimes it PAYS to Be FIRST...
this is one of those times. 

Phase 1: Membership Drive Kickoffs
126 million households in the US
375 thousand households in NWFL

*** BILLIONS of dollars *** of royalty rewards potential is available each and every year through new and renewal registration.

Register today as a Supporter, help us launch and promote this program nationwide and every time we receive a new or renewal registration, you will be eligible for a royalty reward.

Registration: $125 per year
Revenue Sharing Rewards Available:
$25 for NEW Registrations,
$15 for Renewals

Who Do You Know?
Refer 5 people and you have just earned a 100% return on your money!

Initial Membership Drive Kickoff Potential:

126 million households x $25 = $3.15 BILLION
375K households (NWFL) x $25 = $9.375 MILLION

Annual Renewals Potential:
126 million households x $15 = $1.89 BILLION
375K x $15 = $5.625 MILLION


Registration Link:

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My name is Nancy Gaskins.
I live, work and play in Northwest Florida.
Most of us, including myself, have a bucket list of travel, activities, experiences and accomplishments we'd like to complete before the end of our lifetime.

Join today and redeem your royalty rewards for bucket list travel, events, activities and experiences in 2020. 


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