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What could YOU do 
with a little extra CASH this year?

Spend more time at the beach?
Get rid of some debt?
Check off a Bucket List item?
Go on a dream vacation?
Build Wealth?
Start a new business?
Send your kids to camp?
Fund a retirement account?

If you've been looking for new OPTIONS...
we've got several!!


1. Company Overview
    Have Fun - Enrich Lives - Build Wealth

2. Now Hiring
    Emerald Coast Ambassadors
     * Get Paid To Promote Our Region
     * Help Everyday Families Create, Fund
        & Live a Life Worth Smiling About
    Click HERE to Learn More - Ambassadors

3. COOP Advertising Program
     * Help us invite every household and
        business in America.
     * Group Effort To Fund Monthly
        Advertising Campaigns.
     * Rewards are split equitably among all
        those who participate.
    Click HERE To Learn More - COOP Advertising 

4. The Plan:
     12 Monthly Advertising Campaigns
    Click HERE to Learn More - 4 Campaigns

5. Membership: 
    Create, fund and live a life worth smiling & talking about!
    Click HERE to Learn More: What We Do

6. Wealth Building Project 1: Real Estate
    Beach Vacation Rental Property
    Click HERE To Lern More - Project 1

Trading Soda 4 Real Estate Video 

Bucket List Funding Video

Company Overview

US Ambassadors For Prosperity, LLC is a life enrichment academy that helps everyday people create, fund and live a life worth smiling and talking about.

Our Members set bucket list goals; i.e. all the things they want to accomplish in the upcoming year and throughout their lifetime. 

We brainstorm and launch Wealth Building Projects each year that have the potential to help us achieve our collective goals.

In 2018 we will be building a Vacation Rental Property Business, purchasing and promoting beach vacation properties in Northwest Florida. 

Every time a dollar is earned from one of our projects, a 10% royalty is set aside and designated as a REWARD GIFT for each of our Project Supporters.  

If you've ever considered REAL ESTATE as a way to get ahead financially, 2018 could be your year of opportunity.

If you've got an extra $30 per month, you are eligible to participate in this Members-Only Project. 

Vacation Rental Properties: 
Condos - Beach Houses - Homes
Weekly - Monthly - Annual Rentals
Layaway & Multi-family Lease Options available

To learn more, click on the WHAT WE DO and MEMBERSHIP tab on the left side of this page.  



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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 



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