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Bucket List Party Tickets Are Now Available!
Women of NW Florida...What's YOUR Dream?
Join us each week to brainstorm bucket lists, dreams, community service projects and business ideas that will make our community and region a better place to live work and play.

Join Us On Select Fridays throughout NW Florida 

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Imagine being able to accomplish MORE in ONE YEAR, than most will accomplish within a lifetime. 

By Invitation Only:
NW Florida Membership Drive Kickoff Begins
Chapters are now forming. Join today! 

Join a new tribe of WOMEN that will be committed to helping you achieve all your wildest dreams and aspirations. Built in accountability, support and motivation all year long. 

Join us to step up and step out into your destiny this year! 
We have a big vision to connect and INVEST in women in communities across America, beginning right here in Northwest Florida.  

Each of us were created for something amazing; we may or may not yet know what that "something amazing," is.

Some are you are ready for a brand new exciting chapter of life! Excited to do some things you've never done before or you may be now ready to get started on things you've put off for many years.  

Some of us have been living beneath our God-given potential and are looking for options to help change the current trajectory of our lives. We're looking for opportunities. 

No matter what category you find yourself today, if you are HONEST, we could all agree on a couple of things: Each of us desire to make a positive impact with our lives. We all dream of living extraordinary lives; lives worth smiling and talking about. 

The word "extraordinary" can mean different things to different people. We want you live a life of no regrets. At the end of your life, you should be proud of the life you have lived and the legacy you will leave behind for your friends, family members, co-workers and community. YOUR LIFE matters and how you decide to live your life each day, week, month and year will determine whether you make a positive or negative impact on the lives of others.  

Help us invite every woman in NWFL to participate and start a ripple effect that will be felt nationwide as work together to help one another live the life each of us know we were meant to live.  

Here's How YOU Can Help Today....

a. Make a donation gift of any size
b. Become a Sponsor ($30, $50 or $100) 
c. Become a Founding Member ($50)
d. Join a local Chapter - Participate in Regional Activities and Events ($50/QTR)

Find our upcoming calendar of events on
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YOUR Invitation...
be watching for it!

Your BEST Chapter Is Waiting!
If you are a woman between the ages of 50 to 62, you know we face some unique challenges at this stage in life. 

We're not the stereotypical "senior citizen," of our parents and grandparents generation. 

If we're not careful, we can become overwhelmed by our challenges and instead of making the last half of our life BETTER than the first; don't let this be YOU!

Women in the USA now have a life expectancy of 81.2 years. If you are 50, that means you have another exciting 31+ years to make up for lost time and enjoy!

We still have a lot to offer the world and we have an obligation to do so! If we aren't busy LIVING, we are busy DYING! Let's focus on "living!"

We should still be connecting, making new friends, learning, achieving and mentoring; sharing what we've learned with others that are younger and older!

What To Expect:
*Fun, friendship, fellowship, camaraderie, personal enrichment and spiritual growth. 
*Connect, encourage, challenge and care for one another. 
*Field Trips, Girlfriend Getaways, Retreats, Social Events, Training & Development

*Discover, develop and deploy your GIFTS (skills, knowledge, abilities, interests)
*Build, practice and hone your LEADERSHIP skills. 

*Leverage knowledge and resources for the benefit of those in our region and beyond our borders. 
*Personal Development - Life Enrichment - Spiritual Development

*Celebrations to recognize and reward accomplishments and achievements. 
*Take charge of your personal finances: Increase income, become debt-free, protect your credit, investment club training, build wealth, plan for your retirement and become a Philanthropist.
*Community Service Projects

Who Are We?
NETWORK of positive thinking, ambition women with a variety of interests and backgrounds. We strive to make a difference by living lives of excellence and pursuing our version of the American Dream.

We BELIEVE that actions should speak louder than words, so we hold one another accountable and keep track.

We are COMMITTED to helping one another achieve their life's goals by exchanging ideas, experience, knowledge and resources. 

** Chapter Kickoff Info **
Since we have so many ladies we need to reach in NW Florida, (over 338 THOUSAND HOUSHOLDS) we need to keep the Membership Drives affordable, organized and manageable.

You can help by sharing YOUR invitation with your regional friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers and encourage them to join us in our efforts. 

Members will be able to participate in monthly, quarterly and annual activities and events throughout the region, but will be assigned a home Chapter for tracking purposes.

Registration dates will be broken down by age groups as follows: 

June: Women Turning 55 this year
July: Women Age 50 - 54
August: Women Age 56 - 62
September: Women Age 63+
October: Women Age 40 - 49
November: OPEN for all age groups

Mission & Commitment Statements 
Click on the "Mission & Commitments" menu tab to learn more. 

Support Our Vision & Mission:
Jeremiah 29:11 Ministries Inc. is 501 (c)(3) not for profit charitable, educational and religious non-profit Florida corporation. Your donations are tax exempt. Ask your tax advisor for details regarding Charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.  

1. Founding Member: One time donation of $50
    Objective: INVITE every women in Northwest Florida to join our team.
    336 THOUSAND households within 5 Counties
    Perks & Rewards: Recognition & Table Of Honor at Special Events

2. Supporter: Donation Of Any Size
    Make a one-time gift of any amount OR set up a series of recurring
    gifts over time. 
    Perks & Rewards: Recognition and advance tickets for events and activities. 

3. Sponsors: $30 - $50 - $100 per month or quarter
    Set up a series of recurring gifts over time. 
     Perks & Rewards: Memorial plaques, bricks and stones, sponsorship pages with your name or message of inspiration.  

What Is Crowdfunding?
We're using a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to support our efforts. "Crowdfunding" is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.  

FYI: It currently costs approximately $0.57 to print and mail a double sided full color 4x6 postcard;  that equates to $57 for every 100 postcards sent. If we had the proper funding in place each month, we could have a much more cost effective advertising and promotional campaign. We could print and mail in bulk, use multiple strategies online and offline that work together instead of separately. 

NW FLORIDA Community Service Project
Coming Soon....
You Are Invited To J
oin Us In Our Efforts!
Do YOU have a great idea for a community service project?
Let us help you transform that idea into a reality!


To Learn More:
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Legal Funding & Support For Single Moms




Help Us Join & Promote Our Program Through the Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce....

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