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Membership Drive Kickoff Announcement....

The American Dream is alive and well in Northwest Florida!
Join our team as an EMERALD COAST AMBASSADOR and support us in our efforts as we work together to launch small business startups as a way to help families get ahead financially while making our communities a better place to live, work and play.

Every time one of our sponsored projects generates a dollar, Supporters will receive a piece of the action; month after month, year after year!

Crowdfunding Campaign Details

Campaign 1:
Founding Supporters $50/Quarter (only 55 cents per day!)
This initial campaign will fund our quarterly advertising and promo campaign to introduce, promote and garner support for our program by conducting Membership Drive Kickoff Parties in each of our 5 counties and beyond our borders as funding allows.

This campaign will also be used for any legal, accounting, administrative, management and operating expenses needed to build and maintain our online and offline infrastructure and to manage the growing Network of Ambassadors. (For more specifics, check your local newspapers and see our kickoff plan listed below)

Goal: 10% Participation - 375 Chapters in 5 Counties
Target Market Size: 375,000 Households - 3,750 Chapters Possible
Register and establish 375 Chapters throughout each of the 5-county territories.
100 Ambassadors per Chapter; 20 teams of 5. 

** 10-15% Royalty Rewards Eligible on ALL Registrations Received **
As a "thank you" for your support in getting this program funded and launched in a timely manner, I am offering a 10% Royalty Reward to all Supporters who register as a Founding Supporter during this initial Kickoff Campaign effort. 

Every time we receive a NEW or RENEWAL Registration, a royalty reward will be set aside and designated as a REWARD for Supporters. Rewards will be split equitably among all supporters beginning no later than the 10th of the month following a campaign launch.  

Campaign 2:
Once we have our Chapters launched in each county, we will begin our annual crowdfunding campaign to fund small business startup grants for Micro-business ideas; business ideas that take $30,000 or less to launch. Every 90-days the general public will be invited to submit their business ideas for grant-funding consideration. For profit and non-profit ideas are welcome. 

** Royalty Rewards Eligible **
Small Business Startup Projects: See registration form below for levels of support and rewards available. 

Royalty Rewards Program
Supporters have 3 affordable options from which to choose; $30, $50 or $100. Every Supporter will be eligible for a revenue-sharing royalty reward. Every time one of the sponsored projects earns $1, a royalty reward will be donated back to the grant fund. Each month, the rewards will be split equitably among all those Supporters participating in the program for that quarter.  

In a Nutshell
We're building, training, funding and launching a nationwide network of "earn as you learn" community investment clubs across America, beginning here in NWFL.  

We are a training and development company. We use REAL money, REAL business ideas generated from REAL people located right here in our own community as our earn as you learn training material. NO textbook theory; REAL business startups. 

NO experience, NO fine print and NO red tape. Absolutely NO prerequisites are required to participate except for a positive attitude and a teachable/coachable mindset. 

Do you or do you know anyone with a great business idea that they'd like to convert to cash? Would you like to learn how to use small business startups as a way to get ahead financially? Join our team as we build an empire of cash machines across America!

As in any business venture, there can never be any guarantees of income expressed or implied. It is against the law for any business to state otherwise. All business ventures come with some degree of risk. Risks can be minimized and managed, but never eliminated. 

Sometimes It Truly Does PAY To Be FIRST

We have plans to expand this program nationwide and the families of Northwest Florida have a genuine ground floor opportunity to capitalize on this new, innovative small business initiative.

Each Chapter will have 100 Ambassadors. Each District will connect 10 Chapters. Once established, the NWFL District Chapters will serve as the successful operating prototype that will be used to launch chapters nationwide. Imagine every time we launch a NEW Chapter in any community across America, YOU could be getting a piece of the action. Month after month, year after year!

Join our team and help us build our first Network of Ambassadors here in Northwest Florida and as we grow, all participants will be able to reap the rewards for many years to come!

95% of Americans are heading in the wrong direction financially speaking.
What kind of price tag could we place on an educational service that provides a legitimate, affordable option to eliminate everyday people's MONEY ISSUES while simultaneously growing our economy and making our communities a better place to live, work and play?  

In a Nutshell
Nancy Gaskins, a local resident and former Dean of Business created this small business development initiative as an affordable, educational "earn as you learn" opportunity to teach everyday families how to use small business startups as an option to get ahead financially. 

Nancy says, "Many people tend to be afraid of putting their hard earned cash in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, BUT... having an affordable opportunity as a community, to come together and take part in launching local businesses...that's something that most people could really get excited about and rally behind!"

The concept is affordable, very simple and easy to understand.
We get together online and offline in communities across America EVERY 90-DAYS. We brainstorm business ideas. We listen to PITCHES from aspiring, emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs. We "VOTE" on our favorite projects and make recommendations for the ones to support with grant funding.

We use Campaign Pledges from our Supporters to FUND, LAUNCH and TRACK the progress of each startup grant project and CELEBRATE milestone achievements each month. Each project serves as TRAINING MATERIAL for Entrepreneurs and Investor Trainees.  

Every time one of our supported projects earns a dollar, a revenue-sharing ROYALTY reward is donated to our Grant Program. These REWARDS are distributed equitably among the CHAPTERS supporting each project. Each Chapter votes and decides how they wish to utilize their rewards. 

Nationwide Potential
I have a dream to use Northwest Florida as the prototype to launch this program nationwide. I've built this business "scale-able" on purpose, with plans to expand nationwide. 

You and I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on every household across America, beginning right here in Northwest Florida.  


We must first introduce and raise awareness of this new program by launching membership drive kickoff parties in each community. The objective will be to build a sustainable Network of interconnected Chapters throughout the region; i.e. 10 Chapters per District.

Every time we have an official "DISTRICT" launched, we will begin accepting business idea proposals and pitches for grant funding consideration. At this time we will launch our crowdfunding campaign for grant funding. 

1. Membership Drive Kickoff Campaign
a. COOP Ad Campaign:
Conduct a Social Media, Billboards, Auto Billboards, Radio, Direct Mail and Print Publication Advertising and Promotion Campaign throughout the 5 Counties of Northwest Florida.

b. Register and assign Ambassadors to Chapters in each of the 5 counties of NWFL. Goal: 375 Chapters.  

c. Build online and offline infrastructure, management and operating expenses and hire support staff to accommodate and manage our growing Network.  

2.  Gather Info and Maintain Pulse On Small Business Development Opportunities In Our Region
Forge and Nurture Regional Connections.
Maintain Active Membership and Leadership Roles in Professional Networking, Civic, Charitable Organizations, Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce and other business related groups with a focus on entrepreneurship, small business development and startups. 

3. Promote and Publish Our Results (books, magazines, audios, DVDs) and use as marketing tools to help us expand our concept nationwide; i.e. think future FRANCHISE.   

4. Launch Nationwide  (10% Market Share)
Use our proven concept as a prototype to create a turn-key business opportunity to expand the concept nationwide. Goal: 1.26 million x 10% = 126,000 Chapters

The American Dream is INDEED Alive And Well.

You are invited to help me spread hope and entrepreneurial opportunity in communities across America through small business startups. Won't you join me?

Future Outlook & Exit Strategy

Did You Know...

48% of Americans dream of starting their own business
51% who launch are over 50
59% start their business from home
51% have been "thinking about it" for 2 years, 31% for 5 or more years

NWFL has...
6 thousand newly minted retirees added each year
158 thousand Seniors over the age of 60
375,000 households

USA: 126 million Households

NWFL: 3,750 Chapters (100 Members each)
USA: 1.26 million Chapters (100 Members each)

Our Business Model: 
 Able to increase profits over time, by growing revenue while avoiding cost increases.  
Affordable: Anyone who truly wants to participate is able to do so. 
Easy To Understand: No red tape, fine print or restrictions. 
Large, Under-served, Mostly Untapped Niche Market: Small Micro-Business Startups, not stocks, bonds mutual funds, real estate or tech companies; the typical media darlings that get all the attention.  

Expansion or Exit Strategy Options
Once established here in Northwest Florida, it is expected to become an attractive option for future franchising or licensing should we opt to choose one of these routes.  

Should YOU decide to join us in our efforts, YOU have the opportunity to benefit from any growth and expansion we experience right from the start, from the FIRST CHAPTER launched.  

Continue reading to learn more...

To Schedule An Appointment, Interview Session, Participate in an Upcoming Small Business Startup Launch or Submit Ideas For Nancy's NEW Weekly Newspaper Column or Podcast...

Membership Drive Kickoff

For those interested in participating in this new program, registration for FOUNDING MEMBERS is now OPEN.

We won't be accepting the other categories until we get the chapters launched in each county. You will be notified by email once we reach our numbers. Join us on social media to track our progress!

Supporter Registration Info - 3 Options

$50 Quarterly: Founding Supporter

Revenue-Sharing Royalty Rewards are available for all registrations received each month NATIONWIDE, beginning here in NWFL's 5 counties. Paid monthly. 

Revenue-Sharing Royalty Reward: 10% ($5) plus a 5% ($2.50) Bonus to any chapter who achieves their referral goals of 100 new supporters (1 new Chapter) during each 30-day calendar membership drive cycle. Take the cash or roll forward as credit towards your next quarter campaign pledge. 


Coming Soon...
Per Year For Those Who Opt IN as an Annual Campaign Supporter With Revenue-Sharing Royalty Rewards Privileges.
Supporters may participate in all sessions and related activities and are eligible to receive revenue-sharing royalty rewards from sponsored projects based on their level of campaign support received each year. 

$125 Per Year:
NO Revenue Sharing Rewards Program
Supporters may participate in all sessions but are NOT eligible to participate in special events and NOT eligible to receive revenue-sharing royalty rewards from any projects. 

Orientation Sessions will be held online; live or on demand beginning July.  
Email to request a link. 

Projects We Will Be Exploring This Term:

MicroBusiness Startup Ideas: $30,000 or Less
Products, services, home-based, internet, traditional brick and mortar and non-profits are all eligible for consideration. Business ideas suitable for kids and teens will also be explored. 

Join Our Team Today!
Supporter Registration
1. Click on the button below to register as a Supporter $50 (Founding Supporter), $65 (for revenue-sharing rewards privileges) or $125 Per Year (NO rewards program awards)
2. Download the Supporter Registration Form located below. 
3. Fill out the form, sign and select your Annual Campaign Pledge (if applicable.)

4. Email:
5. Campaign Pledges for Campaign 1 will be due prior to August 1st. Please schedule your autopays no later than the 3rd of each month.  Royalty Rewards are always paid on the 10th of the following month of a campaign.

For example; if you begin your campaign pledge August 1st, you will be eligible for rewards for registrations received in August. Supporters will be paid no later than September 10th for August registration royalty rewards. 

Click the button below to register

Click HERE to Register!



New Book Coming Soon...
In Pursuit Of The American Dream Book Series

Earn Cash Fast Book Cover

Your Support Will Help Us Expand Our Network and Reach...
Building Relationships Throughout Our Region...

We Promote Our Program & Members Through Memberships in
Professional, Civic, Charitable Organizations, 
Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce.

ABWA - Emerald Coast Chapter

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

      GB Chamber     


** Copyright Notice  **
Nancy Gaskins. 2009-19. All rights reserved.

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