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Coming April 2019
What's holding you back from living the life of your dreams?
Let our panel of experts help you level UP every area of your life in 2019! Improve your finances, relationships, health & fitness, career, launch a new business, build up your faith, join us for travel and adventures and knock off some of those items on your bucket list!

Emerald Coast Ambassadors is a new Life Enrichment Magazine filled with inspiration, tools and resources to help everyday families create, fund and live lives worth smiling and talking about!

Meet Our Difference Makers:
Nominate your favorite individuals, mom & pop business owners and non-profits who are making a difference in your community. Top contenders will be recognized in upcoming editions.

Ever considered starting your own business?
48% of Americans say they dream of doing it "someday." In this issue you will meet those who have took the entrepreneurial plunge in NWFL and hear their personal stories, tips and advice for those who may be considering a small business startup. Part-time, full-time, traditional or won't want to miss out on what these entrepreneurs have to say!

Email your nominees to: Please include their name, business name (if applicable) and a few sentences explaining why they should be recognized.  

Community Brag Book
Let Us Help You Celebrate!

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Awards, Promotions...
We have a designated space reserved just for you! 

Join Us
Join our team as a supporter OR subscriber to access life enrichment content and to learn how to equip your purpose and passion every 90-days

Revenue-Sharing Rewards Program
Become a Project Supporter!

Sometimes it PAYS to be first; this is one of those times.

Imagine every time a small business startup or a home-based business generated a dollar,
YOU could be getting a piece of the action! Month after month, year after year!

Do you have a great business idea?
Let us help you convert your idea into cold-hard cash this year!

We provide grants for small business startups.
Every time one of our projects earns a dollar, Supporters receive a revenue-sharing royalty. 

This exciting new opportunity is now available for those who live, work and play in Northwest Florida and will soon be expanding nationwide.

In a Nutshell: This program is an affordable earn as you learn Investor Training Program for everyday families. It's designed to closely simulate a community investment club without any of the hassles of red tape, fine print or financial restrictions. We invest in people, business ideas, home-based business opportunities and real estate. If you can afford $30, $50 or $100 every can afford to participate. 

Every time one of our sponsored project earns a dollar, Supporters receive a revenue-sharing royalty reward. The objective is for the rewards to exceed the support. 

How Does It Work?

1. Register as a Crowdfunding Project Supporter and choose your level of financial Support for the year. $30, $50 or $100 every 90-days. 

2. Registered Supporters are notified by email regarding the upcoming project(s) being supported by the Network, along with an anticipated launch date.  

Every 90-days, Registered Supporters make a donation of $30, $50 or $100 via These funds are used to provide startup grants to launch new businesses, including home-based and non-profits throughout the region and as funding permits, across the nation.

3. Every time a dollar is generated by one of the Sponsored Projects, 10% is set aside as a ROYALTY Reward and donated back to the Grant Program. Rewards are calculated and distributed equitably among all Supporters no later than the 10th of each month following the launch as follows:  

Royalty Reward Distribution:
10% Tithe
10% Charitable Giving
10% Management & Admin
70% Supporters

Hypothetical Example:
Project A generates $1000 in revenue for the month of April 1 - 30th
$100 Royalty is donated back to replenish our Grant Program: $1000 x 10% = $100
$70 is rewarded to Supporters: $100 x 70% = $70
$20 is tithed and donated to Charity
$10 is kept by the Company

Upcoming Projects:

Emerald Coast Ambassadors Magazine
Home-based Business Wealth Building Network
Lunch and Learn USA
Emerald Coast Speakers Bureau
Dave Ramsey Financial Coach Training Program
John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer Program
Jeremiah 29:11 Financial Coaching & Wealth Building Classes for NWFL

Project 1:
Emerald Coast Ambassadors Life Enrichment Magazine
* 5-County Advertising & Promotion Blitz
* Graphic Design for marketing materials and 50 pages of magazine content
* 1000 physical copies of the magazine (250 per county)

Target Market: 375 thousand households in NWFL
Campaign 1:
Households 40 - 55 years of age
Small Business Owners

Magazine Details:
This content rich life enrichment publication is subscription based and will be available in digital as well as physical formats. Annual subscriptions (4 quarterly issues) will be available for $30 per year and Wholesale options are available for those who wish to buy a minimum of 10 issues @ $5 each. 

The Emerald Coast Ambassador Magazine will also serve as a Community Brag Book; allowing the community to submit names and photos of individuals (children & adults), business owners and non-profits who are making a difference throughout our region.

The publication is ad-free except for the two business directories in the back of each issue. One for traditional businesses and another for home-based business opportunities for those interested in buying products and services or pursuing a home-based business. 

This section directly ties in with our next small business development grant project.  

When people are asked what's holding them back from living the life of their dreams, most will say "time and money."

IF... 95% of Americans are heading in the wrong direction financially speaking,
IF most are admitting they are time and money deficient,
IF 48% dream of starting their own business...

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize there is tons of OPPORTUNITY just waiting to be tapped. 

I have created a way that everyday people, just like you and I can affordably capitalize on ALL that opportunity available. 

Join our Network to learn how to leverage $30, $50 or $100 in a way that will allow you to financially benefit from not just one, but over 100 home-based business opportunities world-wide.   

Project 2:
Why Choose Just ONE Company
When You Can Choose Hundreds?

18.6 million people were involved in direct sales in 2017. 
The DSA - Direct Selling Association, the national trade association for companies that offer entrepreneurial opportunities to independent sellers to market and sell products and services reported that retail sales in the US were $34.9 BILLION dollars. 

The home-based business industry is a very lucrative field and shows no signs of slowing down. There are new companies launching on a daily basis. You would be hard pressed to NOT find a product or service in which you can't fall madly in love with. Social media is filled with people asking for recommendations for a certain product or service rep in their area. 

Home-Based Business Opportunities
Home-based business success stories can be found world-wide in practically every industry. Typically, the cost to get started is very minimal, no experience is necessary and the company will provide you with everything you need to be successful. 

A home-based business provides an affordable option for everyday families to break the chains of debt and financial uncertainty and allows access to some of the best personal development resources on the planet. A home-based business can be a part-time or full-time endeavor which makes it a perfect fit for busy families. 

I can't imagine a better option than to be part of something that not only provides a way to improve your finances and quality of life, but has a built in mechanism that inspires you to become the best version of "you" possible and encourages you to make a difference with your life as well as help improve the lives of others. 

There's never been a better time to own and operate your own business; traditional or home-based. Technology and social media has helped level the playing field for everyday people to reap the rewards of owning and operating their own business. We will be exploring small business startups in upcoming editions of our magazine. You will meet and hear advice from aspiring, emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs throughout our region.

If 48% of Americans dream of starting their own business, there's a good chance that those reading this fit this category.

There's so much information available that most don't know where to start, whom to believe and may not be confident they have what it takes to become an Entrepreneur.  If this is you...our new magazine can help you wade through the options, introduce you to aspiring, emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs who are eager to share advice and help you avoid the pitfalls and our business directory of home-based business opportunities can help you find the perfect fit if the traditional route doesn't suit your preferences. 

Perfect For...
Those who may already be involved in a particular company but are open to exploring opportunities to leverage the INDUSTRY in their favor. 

Those who see the potential available and opt to capitalize on the home-based business opportunity industry as a whole, but would prefer to sit on the sidelines instead of being actively involved in any one particular company.

How It Works:
Every 90-days our Network provides the funding necessary to become and maintain affiliate rep status for the top home-based business opportunities available in the world.

We conduct a local, regional and nationwide advertising and promotional campaign as quarterly funding permits; i.e. social media ads, direct mail, radio, digital and print publications. 

This advertising campaign is designed to drive traffic to an online home-based business directory; a one-stop shop where people can click a link to read and hear testimonials, explore products, services and hundreds of home-based business opportunity options available in the marketplace world-wide.  

Every time a product or service is sold from our promotional efforts; i.e. magazine, business directory or website, from ANY company in which we have a vested interest...a commission is earned and will be split equitably among all those Supporters participating that quarter. Any commissions, overrides and bonuses received will be distributed no later than the 10th of the following month for the calendar month prior.  
Join our Network today and have a financial stake in not just ONE, but hundreds of companies world-wide.

If you can afford $30, $50 or $ can afford to join us in our efforts!

To Learn More...
Text "Supporter Info" 850-499-7149 OR

I will reply with a Supporter Registration Form and PayPal Invoice Link

To Register As a Supporter...

1. GOTO:
2. Click Send Money To:
3. You will receive a confirmation upon receipt of your payment (Jer 29:11 Ministries)

Upcoming Magazine Opportunities

Exclusive Business Directory Options

Entrepreneurs: Small Business Owners & Direct Sales Reps

If you have a small business or non-profit organization, we offer a business card size business directory listing for $75 (1 issue) or $50 per edition when you reserve space in 4 issues.

These directory listings are an affordable option to get you name, business and links in front of families across Northwest Florida's 5-county region and beyond who may be interested in your products and services.

Direct Sales Reps
Business Opportunity Directory Listings are available on a first come, first-serve basis. For example, if you are a Rodan-Fields or Pampered Chef Representative, you would be the ONLY ONE listed in the directory in that edition. Business Opportunity exclusive listings are $125 per issue. 

To Recognize & Reward Our Supporters:
In addition to revenue-sharing rewards,
the inside and back covers are reserved for Project Supporters. 
Individuals, Businesses and Non-Profits may register as a project supporter.

$30: Text Listing, Name and County (inside covers)
$50: Photo, Name, County or Town (inside covers)
$100: Photo, Name, County or Town, Business Name (if applicable) BACK Cover

INCOME STREAM for individuals and business owners

Consider promoting our magazine as a FUNDRAISER for your organization or business. 
Contact to learn more. 

Kindest Regards,
Nancy Gaskins
Emerald Coast Ambassador
US Ambassadors For Prosperity

(850) 499-7149


We have an estimated 375 THOUSAND families in NWFL.
My goal is to provide an opportunity for every household in NWFL to have affordable access to a financial coach, life coach and mastermind group in 2019. 

If you or anyone you know have the qualifications or are interested in learning how you can join our team as one of these professionals, contact me immediately. 

Grant Projects
Emerald Coast Ambassadors Life Enrichment Magazine
Lunch & Learn USA Life Enrichment Training Academy
Emerald Coast Speakers Bureau

Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Training Program
John Maxwell Team Certified Coach / Speaker / Trainer

If you've dreamed of owning and operating your own business one day...
If you would like to have a business that is inspiring, rewarding and pays well...
Consider becoming a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach or John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker or Trainer.

These programs have already been pre-approved for our Grant Program and US Ambassadors For Prosperity will be HIRING graduates to support our Clients. 

Text 850-499-7149 to learn more and request a Grant Application 

Classes Coming Soon...

Log on and Start Learning & Earning!
11:30 - 1pm Live or On Demand
Monthly Mastermind Topics: 

Week 1: Personal & Professional Development
How to equip your passion and purpose. Leadership, Management, Success & Achievement. 

Week 2: Exploring the World of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship / Small Business Startups / Business Opportunities

Week 3: Jeremiah 29:11 Financial Fast Track

Money Management, Financial Coaching, Investing, Wealth Building, Philanthropy

Week 4: Shark Tanks Across America & US Ambassadors For Prosperity

How to Pitch & Fund Business Ideas For Profit and For Fun
Community Investment Club Training Program




Your Support Will Help Us Expand Our Network and Reach...
Building Relationships Throughout Our Region...

We Promote Our Program & Members Through Memberships in
Professional, Civic, Charitable Organizations, 
Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce.

ABWA - Emerald Coast Chapter

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

      GB Chamber     


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Nancy Gaskins. 2009-19. All rights reserved.

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