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Nancy Gaskins

My name is Nancy Gaskins. I specialize in Small Business Development. I am a serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Newspaper Columnist and Podcast Host. 

I teach everyday people how to pitch and fund business ideas for profit and for fun.

To learn more about Nancy, click on the "Meet Nancy" menu tab on the left side of the page for PCs or at the bottom for mobile devices. 

New & Prospective Member Orientation
Join me online via zoom for a 30-minute overview of the program, campaign strategy and question and answer session.

Text (850) 499-7149 or click either of the my calendar links below for dates and times of upcoming sessions.
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As a Serial Entrepreneur, one of the major things I struggled with for so many years was FUNDING.

I have always had the gift and ability to generate business ideas. It was common for me to have a laundry list of million dollar business ideas, but I NEVER never seemed to have the cash nor did I know how to ACCESS THE CASH so I could get those ideas "off the ground." 

It took me many years of headaches, heartaches, tons of cash, education and resourcefulness to figure it out. I'm here to help others not have to travel down the same road. 

My objective in creating this program is to provide an affordable option for everyday people to get together, brainstorm business ideas and access funding without any hassle, red-tape or time consuming fundraising effort. 

** Joint Venture & Barter Opportunities Are Available **
Do you have a skill set that could benefit a global NETWORK of Entrepreneurs? For example, are you a sales superstar, youtube celebrity, social media expert, blogger, graphic designer, website developer, IT expert, bookkeeper, CPA, lawyer? If so, let's chat about how we might work together. 

Are you in Direct Sales?
I have an excellent opportunity for you!
We will be promoting direct sales as a business opportunity. In addition to home-based business job fairs, we will host training sessions on direct sales. For some companies, we will pre-authorize startup GRANTS for your new reps.

Only ONE rep per company will be authorized into the business directory, which will include your name, contact info and links. Acceptance will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Did You Know...

* 48% of American dreams of owning and operating their own business.
* 51% are over 50 years of age
* 69% start their business from HOME.
* 128.5 million households in America, 375K households in Northwest Florida; the potential for 128 MILLION members, 1.28 MILLION Chapters! Add in the global marketplace and you can understand my excitement! 

The average startup in America is only $10,000. For many families, that may as well be $10 MILLION dollars. They don't have the credit, assets to back a loan, experience or "know how" to get the proper funding and help that they need.

Angel investors and venture capitalists aren't usually an option for small startups. They typically want an "arm and a leg" to take on the risk because, well...just like every business, startups come with a risk. 

We've had some amazing changes in regulations and online options that now allow everyday people to help FUND these small business startups. Many families still aren't aware that these options exist and don't realize that they CAN afford to participate! I'm going to educate you on these options! 

One thing the pandemic crises has taught most of us is that we all need additional streams of PASSIVE income sources and we need a larger emergency fund. This program has the potential to help with both of those issues.  

Are you familiar with the famous TV series “Shark Tank?

I’m building a similar platform online where everyday people  from around the world can participate.

Our “sharks” aren’t a panel of BILLIONAIRES; we are everyday people, who have at least $1/day and one-hour every 90-days to devote to the program. 

We will be providing grants for small business startups in communities across America. The grant fund will be replenished by each grant recipient in the form of a revenue-sharing royalty. Every time they generate a dollar, they make a donation. A win-win for all parties involved. 

Power of Masterminds: There’s a certain kind of “magic” that always takes place when you get a bunch of entrepreneurs together from all over the world. Not only do you walk away with your business problems solved, valuable new contacts, potential leads and collaborative opportunities, but you are inspired, invigorated and empowered to rise higher and go further, faster. You experience major breakthroughs because you are being exposed to new possibilities from some of the most creative minds in the world! 

You're invited to join me to help build a global brand that is sure to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of families world-wide. 

Phase 1:  Founding Membership Drive
Launch the first 10 Virtual Chapters
10 Chapters x 100 Members = 1,000 Registered Members
This first NETWORK will serve as the prototype that we will use to expand nationwide. 

Founding Member Benefits:
As a "thank-you" for helping me launch and build the initial Network, I am offering revenue-sharing royalty rewards as a gift. 

The differences between the levels listed below is the time frame in which the royalty reward will be distributed among Members and whether it is for NEW registrations, RENEWAL registrations or BOTH.

Platinum Members are eligible to receive a royalty reward on registrations as well as any grant projects. 

New & Prospective Member Orientation
Join me online via zoom for an overview of the program, campaign strategy and question and answer session. Text (850) 499-7149 for dates and times of upcoming sessions. 

** 4 Membership Options **
Silver: $65
Royalty Rewards: 1 Year
NEW registrations only

Gold: $65 plus $20/month
Royalty Rewards: 18-MONTHS
NEW plus RENEWAL registrations

Bronze: $65 plus $30/month
Royalty Rewards: 2 Years
NEW + RENEWAL registrations

Platinum: 4 Levels
5-Year Royalty Rewards on Registrations PLUS 1% Royalty on ALL projects split equitably as follows among all those participating.  

The 3 levels of membership above are limited to a cap of 2 years of royalties. The Platinum Members will receive royalties up to 5 years, which means the royalties that were going to the other members will divert to the Platinum Members after year two, which could be significant. 

$500 - 5%
$1,000 - 11%
$2,500 - 28%
$5,000 - 56%

Let's Build an Empire of Cash Machines Together!
Join Today!

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What We Do:

Every 90-days we meet for 1-hour online: We brainstorm business ideas, discuss progress reports and vote for new projects that have been submitted for funding consideration. 

For less than the price of one soft drink per day, Nancy Gaskins will teach Entrepreneurs how to pitch & fund business ideas for profit and for fun and will share how our group can effortlessly fund startups in communities across America without a lot of red-tape or time-consuming fundraising events and planning.

We are rewarded for our efforts in the form of a revenue-sharing royalty reward from each sponsored project. 

Are you willing to trade soda and one hour of your time every 90-days to build an empire of cash machines and help make a difference in the lives of others and in communities across America?



You can purchase signed copies of my books at select speaking engagement and/or professional development training events. My books can be found online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or most anywhere books can be sold online. 

Learn more at


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