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Life is a banquet;
but most poor souls are starving to death! 


January 20, 2020

Congratulations On Your New Startup!

The American Dream is alive and well in Northwest Florida! Did you know we have about 500 new business startups each month in Northwest Florida? Since many startups operate under the radar, I think the real number is much higher. You can find a myriad of startup failure statistics, but the bottom line is 90% or more of them will fail within 18-months. Will your business be the next one to fail or will you beat the odds and be the exception?

Not every business failure can be prevented, but there are several things you can do up front and along the way to make sure your business continues to breathe. Do you know the top challenges you will face as a new business owner? Do you have the skillsets to help you navigate through the obstacles and barriers that stand in your way during your first five years of business? Are you willing to make a commitment to invest some time each month working ON your business instead of just working IN your business?

My name is Nancy Gaskins. I’m a local Serial Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in a variety of industries and leadership positions as well as had the privilege to own and operate several small businesses over the years.  I understand and am well versed in the challenges that face small business owners.  

I specialize in small business development. I work directly with small business owners, getting paid to improve their bottom lines. I collaborate with aspiring, emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs to pitch and fund their business ideas, products and services for profit and for fun. I pride myself in staying up to date on the latest trends, tools, resources and information available in the marketplace from world-class leading experts and I bring that information back and share that with my clients through mastermind groups, coaching sessions, workshops, seminars, conferences and publications.


Each week startup entrepreneurs across NWFL are invited to gather together in both small and large groups; to be around like-minded people who are facing similar circumstances and give them opportunities to leverage ideas, knowledge, insights and experiences. By shortening the learning curve, we can all grow and build our businesses at an accelerated rate. 

Imagine a trusted board of advisors and peer advisors in whom you can confide, who knows where you're coming from, realizes your potential, desires to see you succeed, will hold you accountable and tell you the truth about yourself, even if it hurts you to hear it. 

Iron sharpens iron! Each month in 2020, I’ll be inviting a select few Northwest Florida entrepreneurs to join me in a collaborative Mastermind Group. Weekly sessions will be available online and offline during the lunch hour and after work, depending on your preference. Each week we will work on a different aspect of your business. The fee to participate is extremely affordable, and I expect to have a waiting list.

·         Week 1: New business ideas, products and services

·         Week 2: EntreLeadership & Business Strategy

·         Week 3: Top 10 Challenges & Tactical Skills

·         Week 4: Wealth Building, Exit Strategies, Philanthropy

Mastermind group participation can be the reason you crush every goal you set out to accomplish and build a sustaining business that has the potential to fund your retirement someday.  A special kind of magic happens when a small group of highly motivated and deeply committed people come together.

What To Expect?

What’s your most pressing issue today, this week, this month? Each Member is given the opportunity to bring before the group their problems, challenges or concerns and ask for feedback, advice and recommendations.

Other Benefits:
Networking On Purpose, Professional Development Training Topics, Resource Lending Library, Roundtable Discussions, Celebration and Recognition for Achievements. Private group discussion forums online, coop and bulk advertising, marketing and promotional ad campaign programs.

Due to the nature of our Chapter format and venue locations, space will be limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Contact me to schedule a no-obligation telephone consultation to see if you would be a good fit for this program.


Weekly Life Enrichment Newspaper Articles will continue in 2020. Click on the menu tab "Articles" to read the latest articles.

Chapters are now forming in each of the 5 counties of NWFL
Escambia - Santa Rosa - Okaloosa - Walton - Bay
Chapters: 20 Roundtable Teams of 5 people

Registration is now OPEN for 2020

Register Today!
Early Bird Registration: $125/Year + 
$50 per month

Bring a Visitor: $20 per session. 
Visitors may only attend ONE session at the discounted price above. 

Limited Space Available
$25 Referral Fee: Receive $25 cash credit for every registration we receive based on your referral. 
Click HERE to Register for 2020!

In a Nutshell:
Imagine a trusted board of advisors who knows where you're coming from, realizes your potential, desires to see you succeed and will hold you accountable. 

What To Expect:
Solution Focused - Accountability - Outside Perspective - Action Oriented - Accelerated Growth in both your personal and professional life. 


Aspiring/Emerging/Seasoned Entrepreneurs: Iron sharpens iron! Together we help one another tackle our most pressing issues and take our businesses and ideas to the next level.   

Live - Online - OnDemand Options
Lunch or Evening Sessions Available
Each Week of the month we have a different focus/theme. 

Weekly Topics:
Week 1: Small Business Development Mastermind
Profits Are Better Than Wages: Let's build an empire of cash machines together!
Do you or know someone who has a great business idea they'd like to convert to cash? Have you ever considered startups as a way to get ahead financially? Could you use an additional stream of income each month, quarter, year? Are you an aspiring, emerging or seasoned entrepreneur? We are a group of everyday people who get together for the sole purpose of brainstorming, pitching, funding and launching small business ideas for profit and for fun.

Week 2: EntreLeadership - Business Strategy
A different perspective can propel you to different heights in your business.What's your dream? Do you have a sound plan in place that can take you from where you are to where you want to be?  In week two you will focus on working ON yourself and your business, from a business owner / leadership perspective.  Do you have the dream to build and lead a sustainable business model that can operate debt-free and profitably with or without your presence? Imagine building a culture filled with loyal employees, raving clients and customers that care about you and your business as much as you do. Do you plan on using your business as a retirement income source someday?  

Week 3: Top 10 Challenges - Tactics
Let us help you brainstorm and solve your most pressing day to day issues! We will discuss the nuts and bolts of running and operating a profitable business; the good, bad and ugly. In week three you will work IN your business. Are you a small business owner looking for affordable options to generate more sales, decrease operating expenses and improve your bottom line? Could you use an infusion of capital?

Week 4: Wealth Building - Exit Strategies - Philanthropy
We want to make a difference with our lives and the lives of others. We desire to make our communities a better place to live, work and play. We encourage and support one another in our personal and professional endeavors for the vision of becoming debt free, wealthy and outrageously generous. Building a solid financial foundation is the cornerstone for success in every area of your life. We adopt the Dave Ramsey mantra: We live like no one else, so one day, we can live and give like no one else.

11:30 - 12:30 CST
Free Financial Coaching: 
Join us each week to learn how to increase your income, get rid of debt once and for all, build wealth and give generously. 

*FREE Coaching:
Send me your topics, questions and issues related to personal finance, small business ideas for startups, and issues related to small business ownership/management. Home-based businesses are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

I will bring your issue up before our Mastermind Groups and we will provide advice, tips and options based on our collective experience. 
Weekly Podcast / Facebook Live Call-In Shows
Podcast link: Listen Live / On Demand or Participate via Chat:
Call In Live: (516) 531-9818

Facebook Live Discussions
: In Pursuit of the American Dream (TBA)
Join us on social media and share the dreams you have in your heart to help make our world a better place to live, work and play! Let us help you make your dreams come true!

Coming Soon:

*Community Investment Club Network
*Small Business Startup Grant Program

*Personal & Professional Development Lending Library
* Access to World-Class Personal & Professional Development Training Programs

* Life Enrichment Magazine
* Emerald Coast Speakers Bureau (Aspiring/Emerging/Seasoned Speakers)
* Regional Author Book Signing Events
*Business Coaching, Financial Coaching & Wealth Building Classes

New Book Series is now available on Amazon:
Ebook & Paperback Versions
Proceeds from the sale of this book will help establish and fund the initial grant program.

Amazon Link:



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