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         US Ambassadors For Prosperity, LLC 
        Changing Lives, Building Communities of Excellence
                     Inspiration, Training and Resources
                          to Make Our Communities
                     a Better Place to Live, Work & Play

In America, BROKE is Normal. 
There is a big disconnect when it comes to the meaning of the word BROKE.
You can't have a thriving community when the majority of your population is BROKE, almost broke, or don't even realize they are BROKE!

is a plague that doesn't discriminate.

Popularity, where you grew up, your background, family heritage, age, education, income level or choice of occupation are all irrelevant.

BROKE harms individuals, families, neighborhoods, businesses, communities and our nation. 

BROKE can rob you of your joy, happiness and health.
BROKE can prevent you from ever reaching your full potential; your destiny.  

MONEY isn't everything...but it does give you more options in life. 
Most of us would agree that having more options in life would be GOOD.
Imagine the possibilities! 

Business Owners & Leaders: 
BROKE hurts your business, future retirement and your community. 
* Lower productivity & profits 
* Higher turnover & healthcare expenses 
* Lower retirement plan contributions & balances
* NO capital available for economic growth, startups, expansions, life enrichment or community projects. 

It's time we get rid of BROKE, 
replace it with much better options called WEALTH & OPPORTUNITY. 

Build Wealth -
Wealth building classes, financial coaching and accountability will lead to more income, less debt and more DISPOSABLE INCOME available to
save, spend, invest and give away.

Opportunity -
Create and foster a culture that inspires and rewards learning, achievement, networking and the sharing of ideas, dreams, aspirations, knowledge and resources.

This is where everyday people will learn how to create, fund and live the life of their dreams; a life worth smiling and talking about. Ordinary people will live extraordinary lives. This is the place where we work together to make a WORLD of difference, not just a positive impact on our family, neighborhood, community and nation. Communities will be transformed from the inside family at a time. 

Communities of excellence don't happen by accident, and aren't built overnight. 
It takes vision, leadership, inspiration, perspiration and resources.

Current SNAPSHOT of America
This is what BROKE looks like...

* 70% live paycheck to paycheck
* 64% can't cover $1,000 emergency without going in debt
* 24% of our income is tied up in debt
* 1 out of 5 are on government assistance:
* Current Welfare Tab: $1.25 trillion - $9,631 per year - $803 per month per HH

* 1 out of 10 are unemployed, underemployed or have just quit looking for work
* 23% of Senior Citizens will soon be forced to stay or re-enter the workforce
* 95% of us will follow the crowd and will never achieve financial independence

Help us help you by 

It's time we get rid of BROKE, 
replace it with WEALTH. 

Chapters Now Forming:
Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay Counties

Registration is Now Open: 
Session: September - December 2017
Attend any 6 Classes for $50 

Click HERE to Register

Coming Soon....
Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University 
91 days can change your life!
The average family eliminates $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700  


US Ambassadors for Prosperity, LLC
NEW Community Investment Club Concept 
Launching in NW Florida. 

Inspire - Educate - Reward - Transform Lives 

Transforming Lives, Building Communities of Excellence
Access to a nationwide Network of ordinary people living extraordinary lives give families the inspiration they need to rise higher, do more, be more; to create, fund and live the life of their dreams... a life worth smiling and talking about.  

Wealth Building Classes, Financial Coaching, and Accountability: 
The tools and resources families need to build wealth, have more options in life and enrich the lives of others. More income, less debt and more disposable income to 
spend, save, invest and give away!

Earn As You Learn Investor Training:
Affordable options to have a direct investment in your local community, as well as the opportunity to have a positive impact on your region, state and nation.  We invest in people, real estate and business ideas. 

GRANTS for Small Business Startups
Affordable capital for new businesses startups creates new jobs, increases productivity and builds a stronger economy.

** Northwest Florida Chapters Now Forming **

Eligible Counties:
Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay

Gulf Breeze / Navarre
Defuniak Springs

Fort Walton Beach
Panama City

Sometimes it PAYS to be FIRST; 
this is one of those times. 

US Ambassadors for Prosperity, LLC
New Community Investment Club Concept Launches in Northwest Florida. 

Northwest Florida
 will serve as the FIRST model territory to launch;

the blueprint from which all other Chapters nationwide will duplicate.


Founding Members will be RECOGNIZED & REWARDED for their efforts.

Counties:   Escambia – Santa Rosa – Okaloosa – Walton – Bay 

Shouldn't YOUR NAME be on the list of benefactors?
Join today, become a Founding Member and help us transform lives and make our communities a better place to live, work and play!


Site hosts are needed for September - November. 
Evenings: 6-7:30pm
Lunch & Learns: 11 - 12:30
Saturday mornings: 9 - 10:30am

Requirements: TV - DVD Player - Seating - Parking

Churches / Businesses / Organizations
Host or Sponsor a Class on-site or off-site for families in your community. 
Conference Rooms, Meeting rooms, Classrooms, Banquet facilities

To Learn More:

 or Click HERE:


Aug2017 Ordinary People

Aug2017 Nutshell 1

Aug2017 Scroll


To download a printable or fill in the blank pdf Membership Application, click on the documents tab on the left side of this page. You will find it under the "Marketing Materials." 

To Join as a Member, Sponsor a Family or Make a Donation Gift of Any Size
click on the next available date below and the registration ticket form will become visible.

You may choose one or more options in the same transaction. 


Click HERE to find a local Chapter

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Pensacola - Gulf Breeze/Navarre - Milton - Crestview - Ft. Walton Beach - Destin

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Contact information can be found below on my business card.

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