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Membership Drive Kickoff Announcement....

The American Dream is alive and well in Northwest Florida!

You are invited to help me spread seeds of hope and entrepreneurial opportunity in communities across America beginning here in Northwest Florida.

Every time a small business startup generates a dollar...
YOU could be getting a piece of the action;
month after month, year after year!

This exciting new earn as you learn option is now available
for families who live, work and play in Northwest Florida. 

Have you ever considered 
as a way to get ahead financially?
This is your opportunity!

Affordable Options For Everyday People!
Continue reading to learn more about how YOU can benefit from joining our team this year. 

Survey Says...

48% of Americans dream of owning their own business someday, 
51% who launch are over 50, 
69% start their business from home, 
51% have been thinking about it for 2 years. 

Did You Know...
The average millionaire has ____ streams of passive income.
Small business startups are excellent options to build multiple streams of passive income. 

Project 1: Fall 2019

Biz Marketplaces For Kids
Kidpreneurs Across America

Registration Is Now OPEN for...
Site Hosts & Revenue-Sharing Sponsorships

Join our team and help us develop the next generation of Entrepreneurial Leaders, Small Business Owners and Investors!

Imagine every Saturday,
in communities across America,
Kids will soon have access to a safe environment
to set up shop, promote and sell their products,
learn important life skills and earn money. 

Join our team today to
help us recruit and train
the next generation of 

Every time one of our PROJECTS generates a dollar, 
a portion is set aside and reserved as REWARDS
our way of saying THANK YOU
for SUPPORTING our efforts!

America’s trusted voice on money and business, Dave Ramsey, says the best place to go when you need money is to “work.”

That’s great advice, but what if you don’t exactly meet the age requirements?

You become a money-smart kid;

The Club provides a hands-on training academy for aspiring KIDPRENEURS. We use age appropriate curriculum, introduce mega-successful Kid Entrepreneurs, games, guest speakers, field trips and Saturday Biz Marketplace For Kids to teach kids the skills and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs, which also includes how to make the most of every dollar; i.e. how to earn, save, invest, become a philanthropist and participate in community service projects.  

Club Members will brainstorm money making ideas, raise capital, make crafts and products to sell to the general public, research and vote on items to promote and sell at our Saturday Biz Marketplaces for Kids. 

Site Hosts Wanted
Every 90-days, businesses throughout the region can register as a Biz Marketplace For Kids Site host location. They can register for all 12 Saturdays or pick and choose the dates they best fits their schedule. We will need space to set up a display table with up to 4 chairs. 

Kidpreneurs Job Board 4 Kids
Online platform where people can post jobs, chores and community service projects suitable for kids. All kids must be supervised by an adult. 

Site Hosts & Sponsorships Are Now Available:
We offer a generous revenue-sharing royalty reward for our Supporters;
our way of saying "thank you" for supporting us in our efforts.  

Site Host #1: Pik-itz Antiques - Highway 87 - Navarre, FL 32566

To Learn More:
Click on the "KIDPRENEUR" tab on the left side of the page or the bottom of your mobile device. 

PROFITS are better than WAGES.

MULTIPLE Streams Of Income Are BETTER Than One.
The average income of a Santa Rosa resident is $27,478 a year, $2,289.83 per month, $528.42 per week and $13.21 per hour. The median household income in SRC is $58,199 a year. 

IF... each small business startup generates $500 per month in passive income, it would only take FIVE startups to replace 1 local wage earner's paycheck!

IF...there are an estimated 375 thousand households in SRC, and 48% are potential candidates for small business owner status, 180 THOUSAND *NEW* businesses or more could be possible here in Santa Rosa County. 

IF...the average small business requires about $10,000 of startup capital, doesn't it seem feasible that we could collaborate as a team to launch an empire of small business startups throughout our region and outside our borders?

Trading Soda For Financial Security
Here's How We Can Do It:

100 people x $100 each 
200 people x $50 each 
333 people x $30 each

*We have an estimated 375,000 households in NWFL.
*126 million households in the USA. 
*Almost HALF (48%) are potential future business owners.
*100% are potential Supporters. (assuming $30 every 90 days - $10 per month)
We all can admit we waste much more than $10 a month on soda, junk food or other frivolous items without batting an eye. 

I'm encouraging every household across America to make a conscientious effort to re-direct this spending towards something that has the potential to make a positive impact on lives and communities for generations to come, beginning with their own.

Chapters Are Now Forming in NWFL:

Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay Counties

100 Members Per Chapter
10 Chapters Per District

Bring a friend, come join the fun and help make a positive impact that could last for generations to come!

Focus Areas
We invest in people, business ideas and real estate.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation or join me live or online (on demand) to learn more about how you could benefit from participating in this new program. 

How Does It Work?
Affordable Options For Everyday People

1. Join our team as a registered Sponsor.
2. Make a commitment to support our efforts every 90-days:
(a) Participate in group brainstorming & discussions online. 
(b) Vote for your favorite projects.
(c) Make a small donation of $30 or more every 90-days which provides Sponsorship support for our Startup Grant Program.   

3. Follow each Project's progress online. Every time a sponsored project generates a dollar, a percentage is set aside and earmarked as REWARDS for our Supporters. 
4. Royalty Rewards are distributed to Sponsors each month. 
5. Repeat the same procedure every 90-days. 
6. Attend one or all of our Annual Celebration Parties across the USA

For those interested in supporting an IDEA that has the potential to make a positive impact on families and communities across America for generations to come, PLUS could provide a path to multiple streams of passive income earnings, this is your chance.   

This program is a small business development initiative created by Serial Entrepreneur and local resident Nancy Gaskins.

"This is an affordable "earn as you learn" opportunity for everyday people who have the desire to learn how to use small business startups as a way to get ahead financially, while making our communities a better place to live, work and play.

Not everyone has the dream to own and operate their own business, but we all have had great ideas that could benefit society and add dollars to our banks accounts. Instead of moving forward, we do nothing. Why?

I have no doubt that I have lost multiple millions of dollars over my lifetime because I didn't have a clue how to attract the right people with the experience and cash to help me bring my ideas into the marketplace.

This program will help connect aspiring, emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs with the right people, tools and resources they need to be successful. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in one capacity or the other; some may choose to participate in BOTH.

The concept is very simple to explain and understand. 
We all work together for one common goal and everyone comes out a winner!

Join Our Team Today!
Supporter Registration
1. Click on the button below to register as a Founding Supporter $65/year + $50 Quarterly 
2. Download the Supporter Registration Form located below. 
3. Fill out the form, sign and select the "Founding Supporter" option. 

4. Email the signed registration form to:
5. Campaign Pledge donations are due on the 1st of the month and considered late after the 5th, 10pm. Please schedule your autopays no later than the 3rd of each month to ensure timely deposit.  Royalty Rewards are always paid on the 10th of the following month of a campaign.

For example; if you begin your campaign pledge August 1st, you will be eligible for rewards for registrations received in August. Supporters will be paid no later than September 10th for August registration royalty rewards. 

Click the button below to register

Click HERE to Register!



New Book Coming Soon...
In Pursuit Of The American Dream Book Series

Earn Cash Fast Book Cover

Your Support Will Help Us...
Build and Maintain Quality Relationships Throughout Our Region...
Provide Community Service & Philanthropic Efforts to Help
Make Our Communities a Better Place to Live, Work and Play

Professional, Civic, Charitable Organizations, 
Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce.

ABWA - Emerald Coast Chapter

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

      GB Chamber     


** Copyright Notice  **
Nancy Gaskins. 2009-19. All rights reserved.

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