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Introducing Nancy Gaskins... 

Have Fun - Build Wealth - Enrich Lives

I believe in the American Dream and all that it stands for.
Nancy Gaskins is a Northwest Florida Serial Entrepreneur on a quest to 
sow seeds of hope, and opportunity in communities across America, beginning March 2019.

You are invited to participate and can be REWARDED financially for your efforts. 

We work together in teams across America to INVEST in people, business ideas and real estate.

We all have areas of our life that we need to improve. My dream is to help families across America create, fund and live a li
fe worth smiling and talking about; to enrich every area of life, both personally and professionally...not just your personal finances.

See the scroll listed at the bottom of this page for my vision of what that means specifically, along with a list of commitments.  

What's holding you back 
from living the life of your dreams?

Most will say, "time and money."
If this is've come to the right place!

Everyone dies, 
but most people never truly LIVE.
US Ambassadors For Prosperity is an earn as you learn training and development company focused on enriching lives.

The FIRST building block required to have the ability to live the life of your dreams is a rock solid financial foundation. 

95% of Americans are heading in the wrong direction financially.
Money problems causes stress and has a nasty track record that leads to divorce, problems at home and work and your health.

Money problems also lead to even more money problems, which is why we must all begin our journey together by addressing MONEY.

If 95% of us are heading in the wrong direction...chances are, despite your lifestyle, level of income or lack thereof...YOU are one of the 95%.

If not, congratulations! We need you on our team to help show others how you've put yourself in the 5% bracket. 

How To Build a Rock Solid Financial Foundation
Increase income, eliminate debt, become automated savers, investors, philanthropists and achieve true financial independence. 

Training: Affordable access to inspiration, tried and true tools and resources you need to build a strong financial foundation; i.e. financial coaching, classes in financial literacy, money management, financial planning, wealth building, investing, entrepreneurship and affordable earn as you learn investment club chapters.

Coaching, Accountability Partners and Competitions are designed to keep you inspired, focused and on track.

Nationwide Network of Community Chapters focused on one thing; to help one another equip their purpose and achieve the dreams and aspirations you have inside your heart. 

If you aren't inspired by the people around you each day...
perhaps you need to meet some new people!

As a valued Member of our Network you will find ample opportunities to build strong bonds of friendship, ask and seek advice, create mastermind alliance teams, collaborate on projects that are dear to your heart and participate in bucket list activities, events and travel adventures.  

Chapters Are Now Forming In Northwest Florida
I invite you to join me today to get started towards a more stable, secure, prosperous financial future for you and your family...
for generations to come. 

I look forward to meeting you in person, learning more about the dreams you have inside your head and heart and helping you create, fund and live your version of the American Dream!

Kindest Regards,
Nancy Gaskins
Emerald Coast Ambassador
US Ambassadors For Prosperity

(850) 499-7149

Did You Know?
95% of Americans are headed in the wrong direction financially
25% are on some type of government assistance program
23% of Senior Citizens can't cover basic necessities

48% dream of owning their own business
51% who launch are over 50
69% start their business from home

Most would see these statistics as "PROBLEMS."

I see them as "OPPORTUNITIES."

Looks Can Be Deceiving. 

The social media pictures we see of dream vacations, beautiful homes, fabulous cars, amazing wardrobe, accessories and all the latest gadgets and gizmos is a "mirage."

Our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers sure "look" wealthy, but the harsh reality is that our families live paycheck to paycheck, are neck deep in debt, are dependent on our credit cards and 25% of us are on some type of government assistance program! 

Golden Years Not So Golden
By 2020, 23% of our Senior Citizens will be forced to stay or re-enter the workforce because they can't cover their most basic necessities of food, shelter and healthcare.

Don't believe me? Take a look around the next time you visit your local grocery store and retailers and note the "age" of the workers. 

What We Do: 
We work together in teams across America to INVEST in people, business ideas and real estate.

We Invest in People
* We are a Life Enrichment Academy for high achievers.
* We are an earn as you learn training and development company with 4 primary focus areas:
(1) Personal Development / Leadership
(2) Entrepreneurship
(3) Financial Fitness 
(4) Philanthropy
* Live and Online Classes, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Mastermind Groups based on demand, Life Coaches, Financial Coaches, Accountability Partners 
* We do NOT sell any type of financial products such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds. 
* Group Discounts: We leverage our group to negotiate group buying power discounts on products and services such as travel and adventure and life enrichment activities and events. 

We Invest in Business Ideas
Every 90-days our Trainees meet to brainstorm small business startup ideas. Supporters vote on which entrepreneurial projects they wish to support with their quarterly crowdfunded dollars of $30, $50 or $100. 

We use the crowdfunded campaign dollars to administer and manage a grant program to fund and launch each project. 

Every time one of our supported projects generates a dollar in revenue, our Supporters will receive a revenue-sharing royalty reward. 

Month after month, year after year based on the specifications listed on each Grant Contract, Campaign Supporters will earn 60 cents out of every royalty reward dollar. 

The goal is for the royalty rewards to exceed the level of support.

Our Revenue-Sharing Rewards Program is designed to closely simulate a nationwide investment club without any of the hassles of red tape, fine print or financial restrictions. 

Pre-Approved Grants:
1. Dave Ramsey Financial Coach Program
2. John Maxwell Certified Coach / Speaker / Trainer Program
Text 850-499-7149 to learn more and request a Grant Application 

We Invest in Real Estate
Our initial crowdfunding campaign funds will be used to purchase residential real estate investment properties. The cash flow generated will be used to promote, launch and manage the annual Crowdfunding Campaign for Supporters. 

In the event we don't have small business startup applications in a particular quarter, Supporters can opt to support a real estate investment property as funding becomes available. 

3 Reward Options:  
(a) SAVE:
Roll rewards forward to build up your Campaign Supporter account 
Redeem rewards towards life enrichment activities or
(c) SPEND:
Request a Visa Gift Card to use at your discretion.

**Note: See proposed bucket list activities and adventures listed below. 

Opportunity of a Lifetime...
Supporters Wanted Immediately

Target Markets:
375,000 households in NWFL
126 million households in USA

We provide AFFORDABLE opportunities for everyday families to create, fund and live the life of their dreams; a life worth smiling and talking about. 

We are launching in Northwest Florida, with plans to expand nationwide in 2019. 

This is a huge endeavor, but one that I feel can transform lives and has the potential to make a positive impact for generations to come.

If you'd be open to learning how you can benefit financially from helping me launch this program locally, regionally and nationwide, join me online or listen at your convenience to my short information session. Feel free to contact me with your questions. 

If you can afford $30, $50 or $100...
YOU can afford to participate. 

What's Next?
Join me online for a live or on demand Q&A Session.

Text: 850-499-7149 "Earn As You Learn"  OR
Email: to request a Supporter Registration form, link or  ask questions.  

Find us on:

The 2019 Kickoff PLAN
1. Conduct a crowdfunding campaign to raise initial capital.

(Those who participate will be designated "Founding Supporters," eligible for exclusive perks and rewards. Their one-time contribution to the campaign makes them eligible for ongoing royalties and an increased royalty rate) 

2. Purchase real estate investment properties with initial crowdfunded capital.

(Investing in real estate will help minimize risk, while protecting and preserving the initial capital. Our portfolio will include, but not be limited to newer 3 bedroom, 2 bath starter homes in great neighborhoods throughout the region.) 

3. Use the cash flow generated from each property to advertise, promote, launch and manage the annual campaigns for new and renewing Supporters for our Small Business Startup Grant Program 

We will begin in Northwest Florida, expand across the nations and as funding permits, offer this program world-wide.  

(The properties will serve as a cash machine that should generate an ongoing stream of passive income so I don't have to continue to conduct crowdfunding campaigns to support our membership drive campaigns each year.)

4. Launch the Small Business Startup Grant Program
We begin by training and hiring Dave Ramsey Financial Coaches and John Maxwell Certified Trainers to support our families. Both of these programs have an amazing track record for success. 

*** Income Disclaimer *** 
As in any business, there can never be any guarantees of income expressed or implied. It is against the law for any business to state otherwise. 


Initial Crowdfunding Campaign Goals:

Founding Supporters: 20,000 x $500 each = $10 million dollars

Founding Supporters may contribute any increment of $500
Financial Objective: 10% APR

Pledge Contract Payment Plan Option Available
for those unable to contribute a $500 lump sum contribution. 
$125 down plus $100 every 90-days.
This equates to an average of $33.33 every month. ($100/3)

Revenue-sharing Royalty Rewards: 
1. Founding Supporter Reward: 25%
Join my team today as a Founding Supporter and be part of something that has the potential to make a world of difference in the lives of families in your community as well as across the nation. 

Every time we receive a new or renewal Campaign Supporter, 25% of the annual registration ($125 x 25%) will be set aside as a royalty reward and distributed equitably among all Founding Supporters every 90-days. 

How To Earn Cash Fast...
If a Founder makes a direct referral, the 25% Royalty Reward will go directly to the Founder. 

2. Project Rewards: 60%
Every time one of our sponsored projects, generates $1, a percentage will be set aside as a royalty reward and will be distributed equitably among all Founders and Campaign Supporters.

Complete Transparency:
We don't want any miscommunication regarding how royalty rewards are calculated and distributed which is why I have created a simple, easy to understand formula and have opted to use revenue and NOT profits.

Every time a project generates one dollar, a minimum of 10 percent of that dollar will be set aside and designated as a royalty reward for Supporters.

60 percent of all royalty rewards will be gifted back to Supporters as our way of saying "thank you," for supporting our Projects. 

Rewards Distribution: $1 Royalty Reward
Tithe: 10% 
     ($1 x .10 = $0.10)

Charity: 5%     ($1 x .05 = $0.05)
Management: 25%   ($1 x .25 = $0.25)
Founding Supporters: 10%  ($1 x .10 = $0.10)
Campaign Supporters: 50% ($1 x .50 = $0.50)

Financial Objectives:
Although there can never be any guarantees of income, the objective is for the royalty rewards to exceed the level of Campaign Support each year. 

Rewards can be used to help you make ends meet, pay off debt, improve your lifestyle or save towards financial freedom...the choice is yours!

Grant Projects 1 & 2

Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Training Program
John Maxwell Team Certified Coach / Speaker / Trainer

If you've dreamed of owning and operating your own business one day...
If you would like to have a business that is inspiring, rewarding and pays well...
Consider becoming a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach or John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker or Trainer.

These programs have already been pre-approved for our Grant Program and US Ambassadors For Prosperity will be HIRING graduates to support our Clients. 

Text 850-499-7149 to learn more and request a Grant Application 

Classes Coming Soon...

11:30 - 1pm Live or On Demand
Monthly Mastermind Topics: 

Week 1: Personal & Professional Development
How to equip your passion and purpose. Life Enrichment / Bucket list activities and events.  

Week 2: Exploring the World of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship / Small Business Startups / Business Opportunities

Week 3: Jeremiah 29:11 Financial Fast Track

Money Management, Financial Coaching, Investing, Wealth Building, Philanthropy

Week 4: Shark Tanks Across America & US Ambassadors For Prosperity

How to Pitch & Fund Business Ideas For Profit and For Fun
Community Investment Club Training Program

Lunch & Learn USA
Life Enrichment Academy

Registration: $125 Per Year
Tuition Options: 
$365 Paid in full
4 Quarterly Payments of $100 each
12 Monthly Payments of $40 each

Includes 1 Hour Financial Coaching Per Month

Lunch: 11:30-1pm  (Thursdays)
Replays will be available online and you can watch on demand at your convenience. 
Help me help YOU!
Listeners are invited to submit problems, dilemmas and questions related to each week's topic and we will use them during our Q&A Sessions.  

Register HERE...
Copy & paste this link in your browser:


Click HERE to Register!

2019 Proposed Bucket List Trips and Activities




Your Support Will Help Us Expand Our Network and Reach...
Building Relationships Throughout Our Region...

We Promote Our Program & Members Through Memberships in
Professional, Civic, Charitable Organizations, 
Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce.

ABWA - Emerald Coast Chapter

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

      GB Chamber     


** Copyright Notice  **
Nancy Gaskins. 2009-19. All rights reserved.

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