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** By Invitation Only **
Sometimes it PAYS to be FIRST;
this is one of those times.

My name is Nancy Gaskins.
I live, work and play in Northwest Florida.
Most of us have a bucket list of travel, activities, experiences and accomplishments we'd like to complete before the end of our lifetime.

When asked, "time and money" seem to be the top reasons cited as to "why" we're not been living out those dreams on a daily basis. 

Years go by and before you know it, your life will have flown by and your list of dreams has not yet been fulfilled. Don't let this happen to YOU.

Time & Money is No Longer An Obstacle
It's never too late to get started on your bucket list. 2020 can be one of your best years ever! Join today and accomplish more in one year than most can accomplish in a lifetime!

Bucket List Clubs Across America was created specifically to fill this "time and money" void in the marketplace. We're not your typical "club." We are a group of diverse people working as a team, leveraging our resources towards a common goal; helping one another fulfill our bucket list dreams and aspirations. We enjoy exciting travel, activities, events and experiences. 

Bucket List Clubs Across America provides affordable opportunities for everyday people to create, fund and live a life worth smiling and talking about; whatever that may look like to each of you personally.  

2020 could be one of your BEST years ever!
Joining our "tribe" has the potential to enrich your life in more ways than just your personal finances. We provide affordable options for Bucket List Travel, Activities, Events and MORE! See the list of proposed itineraries for 2020 below. 

We have 3 focus areas: 
1. Have Fun
2. Enrich Lives
3. Build Wealth

Joining will give you access to exciting bucket list travel, activities, events and the opportunity to earn cash or credit towards funding the life of your dreams; a life worth smiling and talking about! 

You are invited to join me in my efforts to introduce Bucket List Clubs Across America to every household across America, beginning here in Northwest Florida, and I am willing to REWARD you for your efforts in the form of perks, privileges and a LIFETIME ROYALTY.

There's an estimated 375 thousand households in Northwest Florida's 5 counties and 126 million households in America that can benefit from joining Bucket List Clubs Across America.

SPARE CHANGE NATION is launching Bucket List Clubs Across America in Northwest Florida, expanding across the USA and you have a ground floor opportunity to participate and be rewarded for these initial efforts...for many years to come.  

4 Price Points Available
Spare Change Nation offers 4 affordable price points to participate. If you can afford a minimum of $10 per month, $30 every 90-days, you can afford to participate as a Supporter!

We are currently offering a 23% revenue-sharing royalty reward for every new registration we receive. Royalties are paid monthly and can be redeemed for cash or as credit towards bucket list travel, activities, events and experiences. 

Target Market - USA: 126 million Households
NWFL: 375,000 Households
Potential Royalties: 126 million x $15 = $1.89 BILLION
Potential Annual Royalties: 
126 million x $6.50 = $819 MILLION Per Year
2020 Participation Goal:
126 million x 1% =1.26 million Households

POSTCARD INVITATIONS are being mailed and distributed nationwide beginning October, 2019. Watch your mailbox or contact me to request an invitati

Complete details regarding Spare Change Nation's Bucket List Clubs Across America can be found on this page. For further details, click on the "menu" tab located at the bottom of your screen or feel free to contact me if you have further questions.  

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Your BEST Year Ever!
This could be YOUR photo album of memories!

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Click the button below to register. 
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Spare Change Defined...

$10 per month, 
$30 every 90-days,
$120 a year, 
$2.31 every week,
33 cents a day

a little over 1 QUARTER a day
allows YOU to start building
multiple streams of passive income!

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Life Enrichment Magazine Coming Soon...


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