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Welcome to Emerald Coast Ambassadors
What Do You Need To Equip Your Passion & Purpose in 2019?
Inspiration, Ideas, Opportunities, Feedback, Friendships, Introductions, Connections, Resources or Referrals?

What will it take to transform your ordinary life to "EXTRAORDINARY;" a life worth smiling and talking about?! If you aren't inspired by the people around you each day, perhaps it's time to meet some NEW people!

NWFL Demographics:

Northwest Florida is home to 375 thousand households in 5 counties, 6 thousand new retirees each year, 158 thousand Seniors over 60, 46 thousand businesses and almost 6 thousand non-profits.  

Bottom Line:
We have a ton of POTENTIAL talent, expertise and connections in our region untapped, under-developed and under-utilized!

Join us and let's work together to equip your passion and your purpose in 2019!

My name is Nancy Gaskins. 
The Emerald Coast captivated my heart and soul from the first time I laid eyes on the emerald green water and sugar white sand many years ago. 

I've always considered myself an Emerald Coast Ambassador. Promoting our region, people, businesses and organizations has become second nature and a way of life. 

It only made sense to me to create an "official" Emerald Coast Ambassadorship Program that every individual, household, business and non-profit in the region could find value and participate.

We all come from a variety of backgrounds but most of us have one thing in common; we desire to make a difference with our lives and leave behind a legacy that will extend outside our borders and last beyond our lifetime. 
We just need the 'right' opportunity that will enable us to "shine."

It has taken me several years to put all the puzzle pieces together, trying new things to see what resonates with people and what doesn't, assemble the right people who can help make the largest impact with the least amount of resources; making it affordable for ALL families to participate. 

To learn more about the new Community Brag Book, the Emerald Coast Ambassadors' Life Enrichment Magazine, click on the "Magazine" tab. 

Join me in my quest to provide affordable options for every household in NWFL to have a VOICE & VESTED INTEREST in making our region a better place to live, work and play.

Become an OFFICIAL Emerald Coast Ambassador today!

To Register:
1 Year Chapter Membership
FREE digital copy of our Life Enrichment Magazine

$65 Per Year

Click HERE to Register $65/Year

** Announcements **

1. Direct Sales Reps
2. Who's Who ECA Nominations
3. Membership Drive Kickoff
4. Charitable Giving Commitments
5. Fundraiser Ideas For Non-Profits
6. Sponsorship Info

Direct Sales Reps
are wanted immediately to interview and spotlight their products and services in our new life enrichment magazine section for Entrepreneurship; which in this edition will focus on home-based business opportunities. Only ONE Rep per Company is authorized. Teams who reserve their business card directory listing for 3 editions or more before November 16th will receive a major discount and interview link: only $65 per issue. For more info on this or the upcoming Home-based Business Opportunity Job Fair, Contact 

November 1, 2018
Press Release

Who's Who  
Emerald Coast Ambassadors Competition

The general public is invited to submit their nominations for community volunteers, individuals, youth, first responders, military families, small business owners, employees and non-profit clubs & organizations who are making a difference in communities throughout Northwest Florida.

Nominations and Voting will occur online. Nominees and winners will be listed from each category, along with each of their inspiring stories, in a new regional life enrichment magazine: "Emerald Coast Ambassadors: Lives Worth Smiling and Talking About."

Magazine Fundraiser For Non-Profits:
This commemorative edition Magazines will be available for sale and used as a fundraiser to support local Non-Profit Clubs, Organizations, Charities and Community Projects in our region. Reserve your copy today! You can save $$$ by pre-ordering your commemorative edition for only $10:

   Click HERE to PreOrder: Only $10

To Submit a Nomination:
Using one of the three options below, submit the name, contact information and a short blurb about your Nominee. 

1. Visit our facebook page: "EmeraldCoastAmbassadors."
2. Email:
3. Text: 850-499-7149

Sponsorships Are Available: only $65 each
* Promote your business or recognize someone special. 
* Limited space available
* Save $15 if you are a local Chamber Member or Member of a Professional Networking Group. (Offer ends November 12th, 5pm)
* Ad-free publication with only a Directory Listing of each of our Sponsors.
* Each Sponsor will receive 1 business card slot in the Sponsorship Directory.  
* Sponsors must supply a camera ready graphic of their business card.
* Other Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available:
Radio & Television Show Commercials & Interview Segments
All Episodes Are Recorded & Available On Demand 24/7
30-second commercials: $20 radio / $35 TV 
Radio: 10/15/30 minute interview segments - $35 / $50 / $65

Click this link or button:

Click HERE to register as a Sponsor

Emerald Coast Ambassadors
Membership Drive Kickoff

Chapters are now forming in communities across Northwest Florida. 
Membership provides exciting opportunities for Individuals, Non-Profits, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to have a voice and vested interest in making our region a better place to live, work and play. 

We Promote Community Service & Philanthropy
In a broad sense, we are a regional investment club that invests our time, talent and treasure in people, ideas, projects and non-profits who are making our region a better place to live, work and play. 

What We Do
We meet every 90-days in communities across the region for 1.5 hours to brainstorm and coordinate efforts to support and recognize projects, people, business ideas and non-profits who are making a difference. 

We sponsor a Who's Who - Emerald Coast Ambassadors recognition program, publish a life enrichment magazine and host a radio podcast and TV show, "Emerald Coast Ambassadors; Lives Worth Smiling & Talking About."

A percentage of every dollar generated each month is donated to Non-Profits throughout our region. See Charitable Giving commitment below for details. 

Opportunities to Equip Your Passion & Purpose

Fund, Staff & Fulfill Your Mission

Small Business Owners:
Build & Grow Your Business

Pitch, Fund, Launch, Build & Grow Businesses For Profit & For Fun


Charitable Giving Commitments

Your Membership will help launch and manage our Emerald Coast Ambassadors Program throughout the region and help support our ECA Projects and Philanthropic efforts.  

Emerald Coast Ambassadors is "for-profit." ECA immerse ourselves in wonderful community service and philanthropic projects. 

For those who'd like to support our efforts that are NOT interested in the revenue-sharing rewards program, and prefer a charitable tax donation opportunity, w
e have a non-profit project under the ECA umbrella, "Jeremiah 29:11 Ministries, Inc.," which will provide money management & wealth building classes, along with financial coaching throughout the region to non-profits, individuals and employees of small business owners.  

*10%: Faith based Organizations.
*  5%: 2019 Charities of Choice: (a) Impact 100 (b) 100 Women Who Care
*  5%: Benevolence / Sunshine Fund
*  5%: Non-Profits, Startups, Events, Projects Voted On By Members

* 10% Faith based Organizations
* 15% Non-Profits
* 30% Columnist / Contributing Writers
* 30% Supporters / Sponsors

10% of each $65 Annual Membership Fee will be set aside for Faith based organizations. $65x.10 = $6.50 Donation

Here's a list of some of the exciting project options from which you may choose to participate when you join a local Chapter and become an * OFFICIAL * Emerald Coast Ambassador.

* Life Enrichment Magazine (Community Brag Book)
* Emerald Coast Ambassadors Radio Podcast & Internet TV Show
* Who's Who - Emerald Coast Ambassadors Recognition

* Community Service Awards 
* Life Enrichment Activities, Events & Trips
* Newsletter and/or Yearbook Team

* Emerald Coast Speakers Bureau
* Lunch & Learn USA (Personal & Professional Development)
* Community Investment Club (Grants for Non-Profits & Business Startups)
* Philanthropy (Affordable options for everyday families to become Philanthropists)
* Centralized Hub for Non-Profits & Volunteer Corp

To Register:
1 Year Chapter Membership
FREE digital copy of our Life Enrichment Magazine

$65 Per Year

Click HERE to Register $65/Year

Fundraiser Idea For Non-Profits

Every time we sell a Magazine, YOUR Organization could be getting a donation!
Every time we receive a NEW or Renewal Membership, YOUR Organization could be getting a donation!

Here's How It Works:
1. We will assign you an affiliate link with your Org's name that will track all magazine subscriptions or memberships that come from your referral.
2. Your job is to introduce and promote the magazine to your volunteers, donors and clients 3. Every month we will send your designated organization a donation based on the number of subscriptions or memberships we receive from your affiliate link or non-profit name listed on the registration. 
4. To Register Your Non-Profit Fundraiser and be included in our Directory of Non-Profits: click the link or button below:  OR

Click HERE To Register Your Non-Profit

Sometimes it PAYS to be first;
this is one of those times!

Project Supporters Wanted
Revenue-Sharing Royalty Rewards

If you are looking for an affordable opportunity to create another stream of income for yourself, this option could be it! 

Here's How It Works:
1. Supporters make a crowdfunding campaign donation of $50 or any denomination of $50
2. We use these funds to 
promote, launch and manage Emerald Coast Ambassadors projects.
3. Every time we earn $1, a percentage is set aside as royalty rewards for our Supporters.
4. Rewards are distributed equitably among all Supporters each month (based on your level of Support) at each of our Chapter Meetings throughout the region.  

Help us, help YOU! 
Every time we receive a magazine sale, or one of our projects generate a dollar...
YOU could be getting a piece of the action!

Month after month; year after year, YOU could be getting a revenue-sharing royalty reward. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to register as a Supporter. 

Your SPONSORSHIP of $50 or more can help us keep the cost of our Magazine Subscription and all our programs affordable enough that every household in NWFL can afford to purchase. 

To Make a Campaign Donation:

Click HERE to Support Our Campaign 

Copy & Paste the link below in your browser OR
Click link 2 below




Your Support Will Help Us Expand Our Network and Reach...
Building Relationships Throughout Our Region...

We Promote Our Program & Members Through Memberships in
Professional, Civic, Charitable Organizations, 
Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce.

ABWA - Emerald Coast Chapter

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast

      GB Chamber     


** Copyright Notice  **
Nancy Gaskins. 2009-18. All rights reserved.

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