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375 THOUSAND households in NW Florida's 5 counties?
126 MILLION households in the USA...

Every household in America needs what we offer!

Every time a small business startup earns a $1....
YOU could be getting a piece of the action!
Day after day,
month after month,
year after year; 

multiple streams of passive income. 


This is your chance.
Join today and help us launch 3 exciting new projects this fall that will allow families throughout NW Florida and beyond to own and operate their own small business. Every time they earn $1, YOU will get a piece of the action. 

If you have $30, $50 or $100...
you can afford to participate!

** By Invitation Only **
Watch your mailbox for this postcard invitation or inbox to request one.

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* Investment Club Details
* Grants For Startups

* Project 1: Glamping Across America
* Project 2: The GEL
* Project 3: R+F

* Membership Info
* Upcoming Socials, Trips and Activities

Join today to become a Member and take advantage of ALL our opportunities this fall!

Click on the "Investment Club" tab to learn how you can earn cash or credit towards your bucket list dreams and aspiration this year!




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