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Revenue-Sharing Rewards Program
Grant Projects

1. Emerald Coast Speakers
2. Lunch and Learn USA 

We are launching these two projects simultaneously as they will mutually support one another in the same facility.

You can stay updated by visiting our facebook page:

The space we have chosen can be made available October 1st, which means we could feasibly do a soft launch towards the end of October and a Grand Opening in November if we get enough Support for the project.  

Continue reading to learn more about our Revenue-Sharing Rewards Program and each of the upcoming Projects. 


Revenue Sharing Rewards Program...
How Does It Work?

Affordable opportunities for everyday people to be part of exciting new entrepreneurial projects that have the potential to provide multiple streams of passive income every month!

We work together as a TEAM to help support new business startups by providing grant funding, manpower, experience and accountability.

We operate similar to a COOP or Community Investment Club without all the hassles of red tape, fine print or restrictions. Anyone over the age of 18 can participate. 

Our Rewards Program is based on revenue generated, not profitability, which means there is NO ambiguity and can be NO misunderstandings regarding how Royalty Rewards are calculated and distributed.  

It's As Easy as 1,2,3!
1. Supporters choose a dollar amount that fits their budget; $30, $50 or $100. 
2. Sign a pledge of support agreement for the year. 
3. We use these Donations to provide GRANTS to fund small business startups. 

Every time one of our Sponsored Projects generates $1 in revenue, a revenue-sharing royalty reward is set aside and distributed equitably among Supporters the following month. 

If you can afford $30, $50 or $100...
YOU can afford to participate, and be
REWARDED for your generosity!

REWARDS Overview...
Emerald Coast Speakers & Lunch and Learn USA

The Academy is Membership based.
Members pay one flat fee per year,
which entitles them to unlimited access 
to a variety of classes, coaches, 
and life enrichment resources
all year long.

Every time the Academy generates $1 in Tuition, 
Product Sales or Rentals,
YOU could be getting a piece of the action...
month after month, year after year!

Royalty Rewards Available
65% (Tuition & Rentals) 
10% (Product Sales)

Royalty Period:
Monthly or Quarterly Support Contract: 12 Months
Monthly Support + 5 Referrals: 18 Months
Lump Sum Support of $500+: 24 Months 

Calculation Example:
November Tuition Paid: $3,000
$3000 x .65 Royalty = $1,950
Assume 5 Supporters have made equal donations to the Campaign.
Reward: $390 each ($1,950/5 = $390 per Supporter)

Cutoff Dates:
Supporter Donations received by the last day of the month will be eligible to receive Royalty Rewards for any Tuition paid the following month.

For example, if you made a donation in October, you would receive credit for any tuition paid during the month of November. Royalty Rewards for November 1-30th will be paid the first week of December. 

Sometimes it PAYS to be FIRST;
this is one of those times!

Help us get funded quickly, 
We will REWARD you for your efforts!

Register as a MONTHLY Supporter
refer 3 or more people who become Monthly Supporters
Receive Royalty Rewards for 18 months instead of 12!

Funding & Facility information can be found at the bottom of this page. 
Thank you for helping us "Sow Seeds of Hope & Opportunity" in Northwest Florida!
Nancy Gaskins

To Register:
Right Click on the Registration & Annual Pledge Contract. Fill it out, email or text it to me, and click on the Registration link to Register. 

To help us with our budget planning, please schedule your automated Campaign Support Donations for the 1st or 15th of each month.   

Earn As You Learn!
Aspiring, Emerging & Seasoned....
Speakers, Authors, Trainers,
Facilitators, Educators, Coaches &
SME's (Subject Matter Experts)

Wanted Immediately to Service Northwest Florida

Target Markets Within Our Region:
*5,958 Non-Profits [501(c)(3) / Clubs & Orgs]
* 156 Meeting Facilities
* Regional Event Planners
* 46,000 Businesses
* 375,000 Households

Problems & Opportunities:
* We have a ton of untapped talent and potential within our region. 
* Our region has NO centralized database directory available to service our region. 
* Speakers have NO affordable venues available to practice in front of LIVE audiences. 
* Speakers have too small of budgets to participate in high quality promotional events. 
* Clubs & Orgs have a very hard time finding affordable meeting space. 
* Non-Profits have zero to very limited budgets available for Speaker fees.
* Non-Profits & Speakers have NO way to connect and book Speaking engagements.
* Families are actively seeking better options for their lives
* Business Owners / Managers need affordable options to attain better bottom line results, attract and retain high quality employees.  

* State of the art Life Enrichment Academy open to the general public 6 days a week. 
* Provide an inspiring community and resources dedicated to helping everyday people rise higher, achieve more and live extraordinary lives. 
* Speakers can practice in front of LIVE audiences, get valuable feedback on their performances and create, promote & sell their products and services. 
* Speakers earn while they learn. This is a very critical component for Speakers to qualify for inclusion in some of the most prestigious organizations in the Speaking industry. Every time the academy generates a dollar, Speakers and Supporters will receive a revenue-sharing royalty. 
* Provide Clubs & Orgs with affordable access to our ECS online centralized database to browse and book Speakers for their events. 
* Live streaming events, live on location, videotaped or on demand training available from phones, tablets or computers. 
* Life enrichment resource library that enables our Members to access and learn from some of the world's greatest subject matter experts. 
* Lunch and Learn USA: We're inviting every household in our region to join us each day during their "lunchtime" for an exciting lineup of short, high impact life enrichment and professional development classes live or on demand. 
* The more productive, fulfilled, financially fit and happy our families are will make a positive and lasting impact on each of our communities and region.  

Perfect Venues For:
Micro-Learning (5-10-15 minutes each)
Life Groups
Meet the Author Book Signing Events
Interviews - Press Conferences - Videotaping
Guest Speaker Slots - Keynotes - Emcees
Meeting Space for Groups

I've found a fabulous, high traffic location and if we have enough Support, we can do a soft launch in October and have our Grand Opening November 2018.  

We operate similar to a COOP. We are Membership based. Every time the Academy generates a dollar, a revenue-sharing reward is split equitably among all the Supporters of the project; Trainees and Supporters. Royalties are distributed the first week of the following month. 

Earn Cash Fast:
If you know of any aspiring, emerging or seasoned Speakers - Authors - Trainers - Facilitators - Coaches - Educators...or everyday people who would be interested in Supporting our Grant Programs, please refer them to earn CASH or Credit towards your Pledge Contract. 

Note to Prospective Speakers & Trainers....
Let us help you build and grow your Speaking Business!

By collaborating with other Speakers across the region, we can share expenses, offer higher quality training, products and services for a fraction of the cost and share any revenue generated from each event. 

To Apply:
For consideration, submit a 5 minute video presentation to our facebook page.

Professional grade quality is not necessary.
You may use your phone or webcam. Introduce yourself, tell me which county and town you live in, what topics or categories you specialize, what is your background or experience in that category and why this particular topic is of interest.  I will send you a Registration packet upon receipt. 

Project 2: Lunch & Learn USA
October - December 2018

Join us in our efforts to launch this exciting new project;
provide inspiration, high-impact training & resources
to individuals, business owners and employees throughout our region, 
and across the nation.

Your Membership entitles you to attend any class session, any topic or category as little or as often as you like.

Pick and choose your level of attendance: One day a week, multiple days or once a's up to you!

No homework, tests or grades, but we do ask that you complete an evaluation on each Session you attend. This feedback will provide our Speakers with valuable input and help them improve their skill sets and course offerings.  

Life Enrichment Categories:
1. Personal Development 
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Money Matters
4. Bible Studies
5. Leadership / Management
6. Professional Development

Registration: $130 Per Year
Plus Tuition

Early Bird Registration Saves You 50%
Help us help YOU! Early Bird Registration ($65) saves you 50% and helps us plan properly for upcoming classes. Your survey responses will help ensure we provide sessions that pertain to your specific topics of interest. We will use your preferred time slot requests to make sure we have enough seating/instructors/coaches on hand to properly service our students each session. It is our desire that every Attendee be so delighted with their experience that they will encourage others to join the Academy. Early Bird Registration can help us do all that! 

Early Bird Registration is now available:
$65 Per Year

Click HERE for Early Bird Registration (Save 50%)

1. Lunch & Learns Only 
(Monday - Friday)
$365 Per Year
Payment Plan: $30 per month

2. ALL Class Sessions + Library Privileges + Advance Tickets to Special Events
$600 Per Year
Payment Plan: $50 per month

3. Site Hosts: $900 Per Year
Host live streaming or video based Lunch and Learns at your location for your volunteers, employees or Members. 
Payment Plan: $225 per quarter

4. Speakers Bureau & Academy Registration: TBA
Speakers - Authors - Facilitators - Trainers - Educators - Coaches

Want To Learn More?
Join me at the Santa Rosa Mall Food Court
in Mary Esther Florida
this week to see our proposed location and to learn more!

Info Session Meeting Times:
11:15 - 11:45
12:15 - 12:45 

Text me for the next available info session. 
(850) 499-7149

Sneak Preview of Upcoming Topics:

Success & Achievement
Leadership Development
Principles of Management
Communication & Conflict Management
Retailing in the 21st Century

Wealth Building & Money Management
Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

Real Estate Investing
Understanding Investments
Exploring Home Based Business Opportunities
How To Write & Publish Books
Professional Speaker Series
How To Pitch & Fund Business Ideas
Social Media Marketing Strategies
Small Business Management Issues
Critical Business Skills For Success
Non-Profits, Fundraising & Volunteers
Professional Networking
Grant Writing
Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Art - Painting - Photography - Music
Foreign Languages
Bible Studies

1. Employers & Managers
Looking for an innovative employee incentive that can help improve your bottom line? Gift yourself and your employees a Lunch & Learn USA Academy Membership. 

2. Clubs & Organizations: 

Looking for fresh new ideas for guest speakers?
Need an affordable meeting space?
Could you use some new fundraising ideas?
Volunteers need training?

Access and book your next Speaker from our Speakers Bureau. 

3. Entrepreneurs:
Do you have a great business idea and would like to convert that idea into CASH? We can help! 

4. Aspiring Authors & Speakers:
Have you dreamed of becoming a published author, professional speaker, trainer or facilitator someday? Your "some day" has arrived!

Join our team and let us help you turn your passion and experience into cold-hard cash each and every month!

*Revenue-sharing Rewards Program: Every time the facility generates a dollar in tuition revenue, every Speaker will get a piece of the action. 
*COOP advertising & promotional program
*Speaker bureau directory listing 
*Event space to practice, display, promote & sell your products and services.   
*Equipment to videotape and livestream events 
*Resources to create backroom products to sell to the public.  

Facility Details
Project Name: Lunch & Learn USA + Emerald Coast Speakers
Funding Goal: $ 150,000
3 Part-time Associates Monday - Saturday
1 Year Operating Expenses
Emergency Fund
Resource Library Materials
Training Center Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Initial Startup Legal / Accounting / Filing fees
Soft Launch & Grand Opening Event

Facility Locations:
Primary: Santa Rosa Mall- Mary Esther, FL
High profile area, well lit, security on staff, ample parking, close proximity to entrance door and easy access to food for lunch. 

Satellite office locations for live steaming throughout the 12-county region.

Site Hosts Wanted:
If you have a conference room or small space available with internet access at your business, church or organization, consider becoming a Community Satellite Training Site Host. Live stream our events to your  location. Flexible schedules are available. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm
Lunch and Learns:  11am to 1pm Monday - Friday. 
Facility will be open to the general public. Registered Members will be able to attend scheduled classes, purchase products, services and borrow or rent from our resource library. 

Royalty Rewards:
65% of Tuition Revenue, 10% Product Sales

Split equitably among Speakers, Trainers & Sponsors based on their level of participation. 

Rewards PayOut:
10th of each Month

Target Markets:
5,958 Meeting Facilities
Event Planners within 12 county radius
375,000 households (5 counties)
46K Businesses, Owners, Managers
6K New Retirees Per Year
158K Seniors over 60 years of age

Advertising / Promos:
Social Media, Newspapers, Magazine, Direct Mail, Radio, Event Sponsorship, Chamber of Commerce - Clubs/Organization Memberships. 




Help Us Join & Promote Our Program Through the Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce....

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** Copyright Notice  **
Nancy Gaskins. 2009-18. All rights reserved.

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