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Women of NW Florida...
What's YOUR Dream?
It's time to quit talking about your bucket lists, dreams and aspirations and start working towards them! 

Join a new tribe of WOMEN that will be committed to helping you achieve all your wildest dreams and aspirations. Built in accountability, support and motivation all year long. 

Join us to step up and step out into your destiny this year! 
We have a big vision to connect and INVEST in women in communities across America, beginning right here in Northwest Florida.  

Invite your BFFs and join us each month throughout the region to brainstorm and share your bucket lists, dreams & aspirations, community service projects and business ideas that will make our community, region and nation a better place to live, work and play.

Did you know we have 375 THOUSAND households in NW Florida's 5 counties? Imagine the possibilities if we collaborated!

July 9-13th:
Bucket List Funding Project 1 Launch
Online: Private Facebook Group
Pick a single day or multiple days to join me online each evening this week from 6:30pm to 7:30pm to work on our FIRST bucket list funding project assignments. 

Come prepared with a list of your top 10 things on your bucket list based on our categories of distinction. Every Attendee will be required to participate in the discussion, vote on their favorite bucket list items, and complete their assignments in a timely manner. Once you RSVP, I will send you a link and outline for our discussion points so you will know what to expect and can be prepared.

NW Florida Links to RSVP:

Upcoming Calendar of Events:
Okaloosa / Walton Counties
Santa Rosa County
Escambia County

Everyone who participates will get a digital copy of the results. For those that wish to participate in our revenue-sharing royalty program, you may register by using this link:

Imagine being able to accomplish MORE in ONE YEAR, than most will accomplish within a lifetime. 

Here's some of the TRIPS & ACTIVITIES we have on our Master List. 
More People = Group Discounts (Lower Costs) + More Options + More Fun!
Come join us and let us know what's on YOUR List, 
Let us help you CREATE & FUND the best year of your life!


Activities To Fit Every Schedule and Budget:
Half-day & 1-Day
Weekend & Extended Weekend (3 & 4-days)
Weekends & Weekdays
1-Week & 10-days or more

Don't let your current personal financial situation rob you of having the BEST year of your life!

Bucket List Funding: We have a built-in funding mechanism that can help offset the costs of our life enrichment trips, activities and events. If you can afford $10 to $30 every can afford to participate!

How Does It Work?
1. We collaborate to create a Master Bucket List of all the life enrichment activities and events and other things we'd like to accomplish for the upcoming year.
2. Each Chapter is made up of 20 teams of 5 Members. Each Team Member is assigned items on our Master List to research, create an itinerary of options and budget, which will be posted online for review and voting. 
3. Every 90-days, the General Public and our Members are invited to submit their project ideas for Grant Funding.
4. Members VOTE on which projects they wish to financially support with their donations every quarter. Grants are authorized based on funding availability. 
5. Every time one of our supported projects generate a dollar, the Grant Recipient make a 10% revenue-sharing royalty donation back to our Investment Club Network, which is then used to offset the costs of the life enrichment activities and events on our Master Calendar. 

Click on the "Investment Club" tab to learn more. 

Here's a few ideas that's been suggested for the upcoming year:
VOTE and let us know which ones you'd like to participate.

 Chihuly at Biltmore: NC
         Ark Encounter & Creation Museum: KY

Oct: International Balloon Fiesta: NM
Nov: Colorado Fun in the Snow (sleighs, tubes, snowmobiles, skis & more!)
Dec: Smokey Mountain Cabin Getaway
Dec & Jan: Toes in the Sand: Cruise to the Bahamas & Atlantis


Camping / RVing at the Top National Parks
Napa / Sonoma Valley Wine Tour
SoCal: LA, Hollywood, San Diego
New York City
San Antonio, TX
Key West - Miami - Orlando, FL
Vegas - Lake Tahoe - Reno
Nashville, TN
Smokey Mountains
Alaskan Cruise
Island Hopping in Hawaii
Great Lakes

New England: 
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut (includes Provincetown, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket)
East Coast North: 
Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Boston MA.
East Coast South: 
Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Cape Hatteras.  

Pacific Northwest:
Washington - Oregon - California Coastline

Canada: Vancouver's Stanley Park, Whistler, Banff National Park (Alberta), 
Niagara Falls, 

Money Matters: 
Investment Club
Funds all our activities & events

Personal Finance & Wealth Building Classes 
Learn how to increase income, decrease debt, build wealth.

Memberships To Save Our Members $$$:
RV / Camping Club Memberships

Boat Club Membership
Travel Club Membership


Kiyak - Canoe - Tubing Trips

Swim With the Manatees and DolphinsCharity Events
Dance Classes
Musical Instrument Lessons
Painting With a Twist
Write & Publish a Book or Memoir
Wine Tasting Events
Sporting Events
Charter a Yacht - Sailboat - Jet
Scenic Train Ride: Historic & AmTrak
Fly an Airplane & Helicopter
Tandem Sky Diving
Kentucky Derby
Broadway Shows
Pebble Beach Concours De Elegance Car Show
Reno Air Show
Pioneer Woman Mercantile: Oklahoma
Calgary Stampede (Canada)
Rodeo Finals (Vegas)
Red Carpet Events: ACM's, Country Christmas Nashville
Concerts - Broadway Shows - Museums
Retreats for Married Couples & Women
John Maxwell Leadership Development
Christian-based Women's Conferences
Bible Studies

By Invitation Only:
NW Florida Membership Drive Kickoff Begins
Chapters are now forming. Join today! 

Find our upcoming calendar of events on
Continue reading to learn more...

YOUR Invitation...
be watching for it!

What To Expect:
*Fun, friendship, fellowship, camaraderie, personal enrichment and spiritual growth. 
*Connect, encourage, challenge and care for one another. 
*Field Trips, Girlfriend Getaways, Retreats, Social Events, Training & Development

*Discover, develop and deploy your GIFTS (skills, knowledge, abilities, interests)
*Build, practice and hone your LEADERSHIP skills. 

*Leverage knowledge and resources for the benefit of those in our region and beyond our borders. 
*Personal Development - Life Enrichment - Spiritual Development

*Celebrations to recognize and reward accomplishments and achievements. 
*Take charge of your personal finances: Increase income, become debt-free, protect your credit, investment club training, build wealth, plan for your retirement and become a Philanthropist.
*Community Service Projects

Who Are We?
NETWORK of positive thinking, ambition women with a variety of interests and backgrounds. We strive to make a difference by living lives of excellence and pursuing our version of the American Dream.

We BELIEVE that actions should speak louder than words, so we hold one another accountable and keep track.

We are COMMITTED to helping one another achieve their life's goals by exchanging ideas, experience, knowledge and resources. 

Mission & Commitment Statements 
Click on the "Mission & Commitments" menu tab to learn more. 

Support Our Vision & Mission:
Jeremiah 29:11 Ministries Inc. is 501 (c)(3) not for profit charitable, educational and religious non-profit Florida corporation. Your donations are tax exempt. Ask your tax advisor for details regarding Charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.  Our focus is to equip every woman's passion and purpose. 

US Ambassadors For Prosperity, LLC is a Life Enrichment Academy for High Achievers. We focus on having fun, enriching lives and building wealth. 

Together, we are able to provide the inspiration, training and resources needed to encourage, equip, empower and engage families across America in opportunities that will allow them to reach their fullest potential. We have several opportunities from which you can choose to support our vision and mission. 

What Is Crowdfunding?
We're using a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to support our efforts. "Crowdfunding" is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. You are probably most familiar with these Crowdfunding Platforms: GoFundMe, Indigogo and JumpStarter. 

Individuals, entrepreneurs or small business owners use these platforms to raise money for a variety of reasons: for personal use, to launch new or expand existing businesses and are also used to create and/or produce new or improved products. 

As a thank you for your support, they may offer a wide variety of incentives, perks and rewards based on your level of support.

Our perks & rewards are listed below:

1. Founding Member: One time donation of $50
    Objective: Your support helps us INVITE every women in Northwest Florida to join our team.
    375 THOUSAND households within 5 Counties
    Perks & Rewards: Recognition & Table Of Honor at Special Events

2. Supporter: Donation Of Any Size
    Make a one-time gift of any amount OR set up a series of recurring
    gifts over time. 
    Perks & Rewards: Recognition and advance tickets for events and activities. 

3. Sponsors: (Individuals or Businesses)
$30 - $50 - $100 per month or quarter
    Set up a series of recurring gifts over time. 
    Perks & Rewards: Memorial plaques, bricks and stones, sponsorship pages with your name or message of inspiration.  

4. Join a Local Chapter (Individuals) 
    $60 per year + Recurring gift of $30, $50 or $100 every 90-days.
    Perks & Rewards: 10% Revenue-sharing royalty rewards program. 
    Supporters VOTE on which grant projects we support every 90-days. Any royalty rewards received by that project is then used to offset the costs of life enrichment activities and events. 

Join Today!

* Grant Funding: $10 million
* Grant Request Options: $3,000| $5,000 | $10,000 | $20,000
*10% revenue-sharing royalty = $10 million x .10 = $1 MILLION royalty for life enrichment activities and events. 

We have 375,000 families in Northwest Florida. 
Hypothetical Scenario:
If every family would commit to making just a small $10 donation per month, $30 every 90-days...

We could have $3.75 MILLION dollar per month available to INVEST to make our region a better place to live, work and play!

That would equate to over TEN MILLION DOLLARS every 90-days!
Imagine what we could do if we had access to this kind of cash and had a constant source of great ideas submitted each and every month! 

Every household would get a VOTE to give their INPUT on what projects to support... 

$10 to $30 per month ($30 every 90-days) is a very reasonable amount for most families. Most of us waste more than that on a weekly basis. Some families could do more, some less. Every dollar counts!

You can help us get the word out by sharing our links on your social media platforms and by inviting everyone you know to join our team this year. 




Help Us Join & Promote Our Program Through the Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce....

      GB Chamber     


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