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Create, Fund and Live the Life Of Your Dreams

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Who Are We?
Ordinary People, Living Extraordinary Lives

We are a group of positive thinking, ambitious people, with a variety of interest and backgrounds; in pursuit of the American Dream, all striving to make a difference by living lives of excellence. 

We are committed to helping one another achieve their life's goals by exchanging ideas, experience, knowledge and resources. 

We believe that actions should speak louder than words, so we hold one another accountable and keep track. 

* Do you know people who have great business ideas?
You can get paid for that.

* Do you need startup funding?
Apply For a Startup Grant From Our Investor Networks 

* Do you have the desire to become more prosperous and wealthy?
Participate in our earn as you learn wealth building training.

* Would you like to expand your social and professional network to include more ambitious like-minded people who can help you be more and achieve more?
If so, you've come to the right place!

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What's Next?
Email to schedule a telephone or skype interview. 

Together we can help one another create, fund and live the life of our dreams!

Imagine what could happen if ....

* Every household in America learned how to create and build REAL wealth.

* Wannabe entrepreneurs had access to an affordable option to fund their business startups or expansion projects 

* Every welfare recipient had the desire and attractive incentives to get OFF of government assistance programs..for good. 

* The US government no longer had the $1.25 TRILLION dollar welfare bill each year

* YOUR FAMILY had an extra $9 thousand dollars or more a year that the government was saving? Do you think that would go a long way towards achieving some of the things you have on your bucket list?

To Learn More...
Join me online for a FREE, No-obligation, NO pressure information session.
Morning - Afternoon - Evening Sessions are available. 

You are invited to join today and become an official Member of US Ambassadors for Prosperity!  Together we will help one another create, fund and live the life of our dreams.

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FREE Wealth Building Classes 

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      GB Chamber     

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& Coaching for every household in America.
124.6 million households.  

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